Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Happy 2015! Can you believe it's the new year already? Jeez, it just goes so fast and here we are back at January and the beginning of Randomness that is the Wednesday Blog. Oh here's your first male hotness of the year:

So this week we're talking about heroes, super and other. First, I loooove super hero movies. I think they're so much fun. So here are my favs, in no particular order.

1. Black Widow
This woman is sexy and oh so dangerous. Did I mention she'd dangerous?? Yeah, I so want to be her when I grow up.

2. Lara Croft
You might be saying to yourself, Gwen she is not a super hero and I so beg to differ. She is sexy and dangerous and does what's right. That's super in my book. Plus, dangerous and guns. Yeah

3. Thor
I've loved him since I was a kid and now love him even more since he's played by the very sexy Chris Hemsworth. Plus, a man who can wield a giant hammer no one else can. Yum

4. X-Men
I used to watch the cartoon back in the day and love the live action too. And can we all say Hugh Jackman. Oh yeah

5. Soldiers
I found this pic in an exhibit and they're of men in our special forces. Can you say totally badass and they're the real deal. I am so going to write a story about them someday.

6. My Mom
This woman was amazing. She managed to raise two kids and an alcoholic husband without breaking a sweat. No matter what happened she always had a smile, a hug, and words of love for us. But she was no push over, believe me. Steel Magnolia was a term she could have embraced. Every week my dad came home and handed her his check. She gave him an allowance and then she went about juggling the bills, kids, the house and everything else. Love her so much and miss her terribly.

So these are my favorite super heroes. Tell me about your favs in the comments below. And check out the other Blogger Girlz to see who they lurve a lot.

Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Kris Norris
Kayleigh Jones

See you all next week!! Gwen


  1. I love that you included your mom. That's awesome. :)

    1. And I'm glad that your comments now have your "name" on them. Yay!! :-)

  2. I, too, love the 'real' heroes we sometimes forget are out there. Kudos sweetie. And moms should be everyone's superheroes. Always.

    1. I totally agree on everything you said. I found the pic of the soldiers in an exhibit and it totally transfixed me. I went every day just to look at it. I finally had to find it online since I wanted it.

  3. I like your list. I am impressed that you included the "real heroes" and your mom! Totally cool! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sometimes I may over-share, but that's okay. LOL And the real heroes are the very best ones