Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Come Celebrate the Best Holiday You've Never Heard Of!!

So we're about a month after the much lauded winter holidays and it's a dead bore. It always is. January through the beginning of March totally sucks because it's cold, gray, long, and oh so boring. But my friends no more. Nay, nay, I say because you will now be introduced to the most wonderful holiday ever. 

Welcome to Mid-Winter!!!

It's wonderful, magical and is celebrated on either the 1st or 2nd Saturday of February . . . pretty much when you want. Why does the holiday float about, you ask? Yeah, because my sister and I made it up! That's right, it's totally made up so you can do whatever you want for it.

Let me back up and explain. Our Mom died in the summer of 2010 and gads did it suck majorly big donkey balls. Jude and I got through Halloween, Thanksgiving and finally Yule/Christmas with the help of our two best friends. But once all that was over we were left with nothing to look forward to. So out of nowhere we decided to make up our own holiday. We set it at the beginning of February since that makes it about midway between winter holidays and spring holidays and also half way through winter. 

The first year Jude and I got each other small presents, made some food, made fun drinks and watched TV. Nothing big deal. But as the years have gone by, it's gotten a tad more elaborate. I have decorations for Mid-Winter now. The mantle is decorated with the fake snow, a garland that looks like an icy branch and ornaments in icy blue and silver. 

Our gift dollar amount is up to about 60.00 this year and we've already started planning our menu (both drink and food). Our best friends are even celebrating the holiday in Memphis. 

So I invite you all to take up this wonderful holiday where nothing is really expected of you, but eating your favorite food and drinking your favorite beverage. If you want to buy a gift for yourself or someone else go for it. If you want to decorate, you can do that too. Since we made it up there's really no rules other that you just enjoy it and be glad that there's something to celebrate.

Happy Mid-Winter Everyone!! --Gwen


  1. Oh, iI love it! I always hate the way the house looks after I undecorate after Chriistmas. And I love the pics you have.

    1. Thanks! I actually found the pics on line. Once I get my mantle all done up I'll post those. And that's part of the reason we made it up since we hate how the house looks too after all the decorations are gone