Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Abandoned stories? Let's talk about an abandoned blog post. *hanging * Yeah, I started to write this one and then had a major brain fart. Go figure. Then again, better late than never. OH! Before I forget. Let's showcase WMH

Okay, so abandoned stories. You betcha I have them. Tons of them. Some of them were just flicks of an idea that I jotted down, other were perhaps a page or two of an opening chapter. I will admit I have 1 completed first draft of a book and another was a book I published, got back and am in the process of totally revamping.

What happened? So the total first draft of a book needs so many rewrites it makes me exhausted to even think of it. It was one of the first books I ever wrote The End on. I plotted it out chapter by chapter and kept to my strict outline. Yeah, that's not me. I am a total pantser so the story just doesn't flow. The characters are stilted and a tad boring. I haven't given up on it, though, since the story (in my opinion) is a good one and since I've rethought and kind of replotted the characters are awesome. I just need to write it.

The previously published book was called Quest for Fire and it's also getting a total overhaul. The story is fine, but my characters really aren't. I've come to realize that one of my women is way abrasive so she needs to change and one of my men is kind of absent though he's in the story. So changes in store for that too.

The bits and drabs of stories I've actually used in previous books I've published, but the other ones may languish until . . . yeah forever. Since I have so much to deal with I'm certainly not looking for anything else to write. Eventually, some of them may become books, but others may just stay fun daydreams. 

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hello and welcome to the randomness of Wednesday. This week is all about clothing nostalgia. *sigh* Oh wait, before I jump into things let me share the male hotness

Okay, so I grew up in the 70s, which if you weren't aware had some pretty horrid fashion. The only jeans we could buy where these:

 I hated them!!!! Unfortunately those little beauties went with this fabu fashion statement

 Yes, my friends, yes that is a tube top. *hiding face* So much horrible all in one outfit. Thankfully, right now, I can't dig up any pics, but yeah if I could I would so share them with you. NOT!! But I can share these fabulous ensembles and hair-dos from the 1970s collection:

I know. You are soooo jealous. *sigh* So yeah, then there came the 1980s. Thankfully, I spent half of it in a school uniform so I didn't have to wear a lot of the incredible styles from that era. Though the regular civilian wear I did own had incredibly large shoulder pads. And I did have an outfit that resembled these right down to the black fedora. Damn, I loved that hat. Really, if I find a pic of that I will post it. Unless it's way more horrible than I remember.
I did find this one from the 1980 and it's not horrible, though the hair is kind of big. Of course, it got a whole lot bigger, but I don't think I have any of those pics. Thank goodness.
The 1990s weren't horrible. I had big hair, once again, and the little school girl skirt was in thanks to Clueless. 
I had one that I only wore when I went out clubbing. Yeah, that wasn't something I could actually wear to my adult job. I found this pic of me from the trip to the Bahamas my friend, Jennifer, and I took. I was totally rocking the beaded braids. Ouch! Oh and the outfit I had was a very short baby-doll dress. Thankfully, I could carry it off.
Thanks for joining me on this stroll down memory lane. LOL! Now go and check out what the other bloggers are nostalgic about.

Jessica D

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


This week in the randomness that is Wednesday we were charged with writing an angry letter to whomever we wished. Before I leap onto my soapbox I need to share a pic

And you are welcome.

Anyway, angry letter. Jeez there's a veritable list of people who need to be shouted at. Me (since I haven't written in . . . a while), parents who pretend to homeschool their children, people who think stop signs are a suggestion . . . I could go on and on. Today though I am going to address people and their love of cell phones. 

*clearing throat and stepping onto my soapbox*

Dear Jerks Who Are Married to Cell Phones,

You are incredibly sad. I see you walking, sitting, and scarily driving with your eyes trained on your phones. The driving is where I have the most issue. I see you get in your cars and immediately pick up the phone. Really?? I can't imagine you are so important you need to be in constant contact with humanity. I think your friends/family/whoever will survive if you aren't talking or texting to them. Yeah, see if you continue on, the rest of us might not survive your idiocy. You cannot focus on the phone and the road at the same time. It just doesn't work. As someone said to me a few days ago, "I took my eyes off the road for a second. My phone was ringing." And I know this because she rear-ended us. She was so busy trying to answer her stupid phone she hit the car Sis and I were driving. Thankfully, none of us were hurt, but the car has damage and this woman's insurance is going to have to pay for it. And why? Because she couldn't stop with the phone.

In the bookstore, grocery store, Target, I see you. You're so focused on your phone you don't pay any attention to your kids. They're running around, playing with toys (which aren't their toys to play with) and generally getting into trouble. But do you parent? Nope, you are too busy with your phone. When your children are grown they're going to remember the fact that your phone was so much more interesting than they were. Good job.

I see you in the restaurant too. You're sitting across from your date/wife/girlfriend and you are so focused on your phone. You don't notice she's looking around bored. Yeah, if it's a date you won't get another. If she's your girlfriend let's hope she leaves your ass for someone who will actually pay attention and talk to her. If she's your wife . . . .then damn I feel way sorry for her. Since you are a rude and self-centered jerk. 

Yeah, so put down the phone. Especially in the car since I don't want anyone I know to die because you are a dumbass. Put down the phone and parent your children, pay attention to the people who are living and breathing right in front of you. 

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