Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Huge Headache

Jeez louise! First it's been a crazy summer. I'm still with the museum so we just finished with weeks and weeks of summer camps. It was fun. I really love it, but damn is it exhausting. In the middle of all of this, the cable company I'd been with changed to Time Warner. Now usually this wouldn't affect me. I have DirecTV and couldn't care less, but and this is huge all my email accounts are of course with the other place. Not I have to struggle to change everything over, which has been a huge pain. I didn't realize just how much stuff I had coming to me. But I didn't do it for just one account, but two. I have one under this name and one under my real name . . sort of like Bruce Wayne and Batman, but not that cool. So I have been struggling and nothing has been easy. I think I've cursed more tonight than I have all summer long. *hitting head on keyboard* I hate computer stuff. I used to love it, but I don't anymore. I want stuff to just magically happy. When it doesn't it totally frustrates me. So here I sit, finally . .. FINALLY back into my blog account after struggling over it for nearly 45 minutes. Now that I've done this I am so going to bed. I'm exhausted. LOL