Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hello Random Peeps! Today we're obviously chatting about things that will never, ever go on our bucket list. Oh! I almost forgot Wednesday Hotness
So, my list isn't in a particular order. Just know that no matter what I will never do any of these things. If you hear me say I AM going to do one of these things, bonk me over the head, toss me in a closet and hold me there until I return to sanity. Just sayin . . .

1. Climb any kind of mountain, cliff, whatever

I am terrified of heights so there is no way I would ever chose to climb anything. Hell, I don't even like to climb a ladder so there's no chance I would ever think about strapping on some kind of rope to get to the top of a mountain. And for what? To say I did it?? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.

2. Jump out of or off of anything
Yeah, if my ass isn't going to climb something it certainly isn't jumping off of anything. Once again . . . why??? What's the point? 

3. Get married
I have no desire to get married. I used to say that I never saw a good marriage. Bless my parents hearts and I love them so much, but daggone their marriage wasn't good. As I've grown older I can now say I've seen a few . . . very few. I know tons of people too so those aren't good odds. So, no thank you. Oh and I won't have kids either. 

4. Swim with any kind of sea creatures
I love the ocean . . . from the beach. I can sit on a beach all day long, under an umbrella, read, and listen to the surf. But I am not going out into the water. No thank you. I saw Jaws as a child and I think that's all I need to say about that.

5. Pierce anything that's not my ears
I totally respect someone's right to chose to decorate themselves however they wish, but it's just not for me. I have my ears pierced and I loooooove earrings and I'm happy with that.

I'm sure there are other things I would never ever do, but for right now these are the first things that come to mind. If you have things you wouldn't do let me know down in the comments. Then run over to the other Blogger Girlz and see what's on their Anti-Bucket lists.


See you all next week! --Gwen


  1. I'd swim with dolphins, but that's about it. :)

    1. I thought about that, but then my imagination stepped in with "what if a shark hid among the dolphins" so that ended that idea

  2. That piercing picture makes me hurt. I'm all about piercings but OW! And as a woman in her early 40s and never been married I can tell you that I'm okay with that most the time. Occasionally I get lonely but it usually passes about the time one of my married friends call and say how pissed off they are at their spouse. :D

    1. I too am in my 40s and I totally get it. I saw my mom so unhappy a bunch and I knew that wasn't ever going to be for me.