Monday, April 18, 2011

Crushing on Some Boy

Okay, so when I was a wee babe, much wee-er (is that a word) anyway than I thought, I had the most horrible crush on Tony DeFranco. Now, those of you who aren't of a certain age are probably saying, "Who the hell is he?" Well he was just the cutest little thing in a skin-tight powder blue jumpsuit with huge bell bottoms you'd ever want to see. Oh and the sequin belt, cannot forget that most important accessory to just overload a guy with manliness. Anyway, he and his family (think the Jackson 5, but not that much talent) had a song out called A Heartbeat is a Love Beat and I loved him. I thought he was the next best thing to a chocolate chip cookie or something like that. He made my little 7 year-old heart go pitter-patter or mayhaps would that be a "love beat."

I'm sure you are wondering why the crap I am bringing all this up. I will tell you, so hold your horses. My BFF and writing partner Jessica Jarman and I were on IM and we were chatting about stuff when I mentioned I had found the song. So I sent it to her. Then I went in search of the video. I knew there would be one. These people had a TV show, though I do not know how. So I found them on dancing and singing their little hearts out and sent it to Jess. Where we spent the next 5 minute laughing uncontrollably. Between the posh outfits (powder blue jumpsuits) and the incredible dance moves (bad karate kicks and shoulder shrugs) we were weeping by the time it was over.

The point of all this is something along the lines of you can't go back. But, of course, that would be if I were mature and such. No, as most my friends will tell you, I'm pretty much 12 on a good day so MY point is go back and look at who you had a crush on when you were a kid. If you're still crushing on those types of people . . . RUN AWAY!!!!! Because believe me I have way outgrown jumpsuits and sequined belts. . . or not. :-D