Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 GOALS

Here we are at the So turning of another year. So insane that this year flew by. Oh wait, let's share a last Wednesday Male Hotness of 2015

Yeah, I know he's one big reason to celebrate. Huh?

Anyway, goals . . . must have goals for the coming year. So here they are:

1. Finish at least 3 books!! Which is huge since I didn't finish any this year.

2. Write everyday, no matter what, for at least an hour.

3.Blog every Wednesday! I almost made that goal this year. Yay me.

4. Do all the picture & song short fiction pieces, I started out great, but then petered out.

5. Try to exercise, at least, twice a week.

6. Make sure to post Wednesday Male Hotness!! Woo hooo

And there they are. My goals for this year. I'll use the blog to report back on how I'm doing. I mean, if I'm blogging every week, then I should be telling you all how I'm doing. :-)

Now run and check out what the other bloggers goals are for this coming year.

Jessica D

See you all next!! -- Gwen

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Well here we are, only 2 days until Christmas. Hopefully, you have your shopping finished and all the presents wrapped and under the tree. I do and boy does it feel good. Another awesome event from this season is Maeve (the kitten) has totally ignored the tree. There's been no attempts to climb it, jump in it, or eat it. I am one thankful kitten mama. 

Anyway, no matter how you celebrate, or if you don't, I wish you nothing but joy this month. I can't believe 2015 is almost over. Truthfully, I'll be glad to see it go. It hasn't been the best year for me. I look forward to the promise of the new year. I always think of it as starting fresh, clean slate and all that. I need it. 

Before this year comes to a close though our two best friends are coming to spend the holidays with us. They've been coming ever since we lost our Mom in 2010. The holiday isn't the same without them. We're actually planning our own fancy tea for Christmas Eve. Sis and I have already started cooking and baking. It's gonna be good. 

And I'm sure you're confused, right? I'm pagan and yet I celebrate Christmas. Not technically. I celebrate Yule, but no one I know does. So I just kind of move my Yule celebration a few days later and BAM it's all good. 

Oh, to celebrate this incredible holiday Sis has been composing a fabulous poem. She isn't finished yet, but I can post what she's written so far. I'll nudge her along and make her finish then post the rest later. So here it is:

T'was the week of Christmas and all through the house
All the kittehs were stirring, playing with a fake mouse.
The stockings were hung over the fireplace with care,
In the hopes that Command Hooks would keep them right there.

Abby was mad, demanding to be fed,
And threatening to walk on my poor little head;
And Gwen and Jude in their lounge pants, looking like crap,
Had just settled down for their afternoon nap.

When out in the kitchen, there arose such a clatter,
We sprang out of blankets to see to the matter.
Again from the kitchen, there was a great crash,

And Maeve and Olivia from the room did dash.

I told you she wasn't done, but so far I am enjoying it. I hope you do too. So have a great week! And now check out some of the other bloggers holiday greetings.


See you next week!! Gwen

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


OMG! Can you believe it's December. . . already? The year has flown by and here we are in the midst of another holiday season. I love this favorite things idea since certain scents always remind me of events or people. Scientists or maybe it's therapists, I believe, say that scents can trigger memories.Whoever it is, they're right. Oh wait!I almost forgot Wednesday Male Hotness

So . . . scents . . . speaking of, I bet he smells really good.

Anyway, this time of year always smells the best to me. Yummy baked goods, roast turkey, glazed ham, fresh pine, pumpkin everything. So, here are some of my favorite scents, in no particular order.

1. Coffee - the scent of fresh brewed coffee takes me back to when I was a kid. My mom would put the percolator on and the scent of rich, brewed coffee would permeate the house. 

2. Books - as a kid, the first thing I'd do when I got a new book, was open it up and inhale. I know it's crazy, unless you do it too but there's nothing like the smell of a book. It's almost as if you can smell the coming adventure. Today, I still take a sniff and, if you've never done it, you should.

3. Fall

My favorite time of the year. It's not just the beautiful colors, but the scents. The crispness in the air, the rich bite of turning leaves, and the wood smoke on the breeze.

4. Lavender

I have 2 plants in my garden and the essential oil by my bedside. It's both earthy and floral at the same time, which I love. The scent is relaxing and so soothing. Sometimes I put a few drops in the tub and take a very long bath.

5. Yankee Candle scents - currently, I have about 6 different candles on my dresser. Apple pumpkin, Apple cider, North Pole, Hazelnut coffee . . . I love them all. Most of them are what I would consider Fall/Holiday scents so, even in the summer, I can pretend it's my favorite time of the year. 

Now, go over and check out what the other ladies love.

See you all next week!-- Gwen