Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hello and welcome to the randomness that is Wednesday. For my first fabulous trick let me unveil Wednesday Male Hotness

*sigh* The pics always make my day start out brighter. You? Anyway, today we're chatting about our writing strengths and weaknesses. I'll start with my weaknesses since, for me, the downer stuff is so much easier to list. The reason is, I often focus on that stuff first. 

My weaknesses are my procrastination in writing. I'm sure you've noticed since I haven't finished a book in . . . yeah, I'm embarrassed to even mention how long it's been. I put it off and put it off and never get anything done. Next, when I do write I'm never satisfied. I have to keep going back and fixing. I will admit I've gotten better at this since I used to polish and polish . . . a first chapter. Yeah, can't put those on the market. Last, I can't stay focused on one project. I jump from book to book, which is another reason I never finish.

See, easy to do. I whipped those out in less than a minute. 

Okay, now for my strengths. First, I never lack for ideas. Dreams,  songs, a story someone tells me, it doesn't matter. My mind instantly starts spinning a story. I've always done this, which is why my grades were so poor in school. I could sit and daydream an entire class away without hearing a word the teacher said. Second, it doesn't hurt when I put on my editor hat to hack and slash through what I've written. I know that sometimes getting rid and rewriting is the best thing an author can do. I'm not so enamored of my own words that ever one is sacred. *snort* As if. Which leads me to my last strength. I can take criticism. In fact, I like it as long as it's constructive. The only way I'll ever get better is for someone with insight to give me guidance. And, as long as someone can give me a good excuse why something needs to be done, then I'm all on board. Like I said, I'm not so enchanted with my own words that I won't change or delete. Hell the book I'm working on now has taken so long because I've basically rewritten the entire thing. 

So, there you have it. What I consider my writing strengths and weaknesses. Now, run and check out what the other bloggers have to say. And if you want to leave a comment below I read ever single one. See you next week! -- Gwen

Jessica D

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Hey! Okay, so if didn't know I work at a bookstore. Most of the customers are totally awesome. In fact, I have regulars I deal with who are tons of fun. Then again, we get those special snowflakes we have to deal with that try every one's patience. This is one of those stories.

This story is totally true and, unlike the last post, this actually happened to me. Truly.

The phone rings and I give my bookstore phone spiel. A guy on the other end tells me he needs to return a book. That, in and of itself, is no problem, especially if the customer has a receipt and it's inside the return window. Yeah, but this isn't that easy. Remember we're dealing with a "special" snowflake.

The book happens to be for school. In fact, the book is a textbook. Even bigger fact that this guy has already unwrapped the textbook from it's protective shrink wrap. Whoops! 

"I'm so sorry," I say. "Once you take the book out of the wrap it's non-returnable."

"Yeah, but you don't understand," snowflake says. "It's not the right book. Once I got into the class and started working in the book I realized it's not the right one."

Wait! What?? Oh yeah, he'd already highlighted passages in the book . . .with a yellow highlighter. Then he realized it wasn't the right book and he wanted to turn it to us and he wanted a full refund.

"So let me get this straight," I say in the voice I used to use while teaching 5th grade, "you purchased the wrong book, opened it, marked in it and want to return it to us?"

"Right," he says, "it's not the right book and I paid over $200.00 for it. I still have the receipt."

"The receipt isn't the issue. The issue is you took it out of the packaging and wrote in it. That makes the book non-returnable."

"But it's the wrong book," he says, as if I'm the idiot.

"I'm sorry," I say, grabbing for patience. "But, you ordered the book and you wrote in it. We can't take it back."

He huffs out an exasperated breath. "It was over $200.00 and I can't use it. I need to get the money back so I can get the right book."

"I'm sorry," I say, again, "but we can't take the book back."

"Look, let me just talk to a manager. I'm sure once I explain they'll understand."

As if I didn't understand some mysterious something that would make me take this trashed book back. And, because I'm not in charge, I tell him to hold on. I contact the manager on duty and explain what happened. The manager actually hurries across the store so he can look me in the face to find out if I'm joking. Yeah, unfortunately not.

He laughs and takes the phone call and tells the guy on the phone the same exact thing I've been saying. Once he hangs up, he looks at me and we both laugh. Because, really what else can we do. 

So, if you order a book for school, take it out of the protective wrap, and write in it I won't take it back. No matter what. Just letting you know.

See you later! Gwen

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Welcome back to the randomness that is Wednesday on the blogs. Today, we're wordless, which, for me, you know is never the case. Oh first let's showcase WMH

Okay, so today's topic is sadness. Yeah, I've been fighting a battle with depression for . . .  almost a year now. Some days I'm good, some I'm ehhh, and others it out and out sucks. So this topic is tough. Let's see how we can "lighten" sadness up, shall we?


When all the books have been read

Now run over and see what the other ladies have come up with and I'll see you next week.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Hey! And welcome to my first Promptly Penned. If you've never seen this before, we're given a writing prompt then have to jump off from there. Each of us has the same one so it'll be fun to see how we use it. Okay, so here goes.

“I thought I’d made it clear we have a no abduction policy.”
Jayne peered over her glasses at Tessa, pinning her with a gaze. Undaunted, Tessa stared right back
"She wasn’t cooperating. What did you expect me to do?”
“Not kidnap her, Tessa,” Jayne said, as she tossed her expensive eyewear on the desk. “Is that too much to ask?”
“Kidnap is such an ugly word. I liberated her, borrowed her if you will. You wanted her here, she wouldn’t come. I asked nicely, she slammed the door in my face. Besides, weren’t you the one who said don’t take no for an answer.
“I didn’t think you would abduct her.”
Tessa shook her head. “Doesn’t matter, she’s here now and totally unhurt. So, now you can talk to her and I can get back to my vacation.”
“You’re not going anywhere,” Jayne said, rising to her feet. “Once Natalie and I speak, if she’ll speak to me, you have to take her back.”
Tessa wearily rubbed her face. “I do one tiny favor for you and this is what I get. Grief, grief and a need for more favors.”
“You’re my only operative able to take her back. The only one I trust.”
“Boy, I bet that killed you to say that.” Tessa said, stunned. “Fine, I’ll take her back, but not today. I’m tired and need to get some rest.”
“I doubt she’ll talk to me anyway,” Jayne said.
“What do you expect? You haven’t seen your daughter in…what? Ten years? And you think she’d going to welcome you with open arms?”
Jayne dropped back into her desk chair. “I’ve written letters. Tried to explain.”
“Yeah, well she didn’t act as if she wanted to have anything to do with you. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.”
“Truth or not, she’s almost twenty-one. If her powers kick in when mine did she could die without help.”
Or kill people, Tessa thought, but didn’t say it out loud. Killing people was so much worse, especially when they were your family or, at least, the only family you knew. Don’t think about it, she told herself, didn’t do any good. It was old news and something she couldn’t fix.
“Then you’d better talk to her and convince her to get tested,” Tessa finally said. “If she’s normal then no big deal, she can go back to her life. If she’s not, she needs to know now. Not after she goes nova.”
“Thanks, Tessa. I appreciate the zeal in which you completed your assignment.”
She huffed out a laugh. “Zeal? I like it. Better than kidnapping, I suppose.”

Before Jayne could say anything else, Tessa left the office and headed toward her rooms. She needed to lock herself down before the power in her system flashed. Unlike others of her ilk, Tessa’s power seemed limitless, but there were…drawbacks. That’s how the scientists had put it. Drawbacks. She rolled her eyes. Yeah, blowing up was a drawback alright. 

Now go over and check out what the other bloggers have written.


Monday, March 7, 2016


I started working at an unnamed bookstore last June. I love books, obviously, and being around them all the time seemed like the perfect place for me. And it is . . . other than the customers. 

Okay, don't get me wrong. Not all the customers are facepalm worthy, but there are quite a few who aren't playing with a full deck. So I thought I would share some of the more fantastical stories I've collected. What I share with you is 100% real. These are really real people who are out there living in society and, somehow, walking around taking care of themselves. I know, I know, I'm stunned too. 

Oh, jeez, where to begin. Okay, so this one didn't actually happen to me, but to someone I know (code word for coworker).

A customer walks into the bookstore and comes up to the desk to inquire about a book. Now sometimes you get the people who don't know the author or the name of the book. Hell sometimes you get people who just tell you the book is blue and expect you to know which one they mean. Nope, not this Einstein.

This lady comes up and asks for a copy of Medea

Now before you get excited, let me stop you. This fabulous customer then goes on to say . . .

"Now I know it's written by Tyler Perry, but I'm not sure what part of the store I'd find it in."

And yes, this is a truly true story. Bless her heart.

And have a truly wonderful day. See you Wednesday!! -- Gwen

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Greetings sad humans. I am the perfect and elegant Baroness Abigail von Kitty. Look upon my effortless resting bitch face and envy me.

I am looking for some worthy souls to volunteer as day slaves. The help I have are slackers and aren't available during the day. Your duties will include worshipful petting, feeding me chicken, litter box duty, feeding me chicken, cuddling, feeding me chicken, listening to be bitch at you, and feeding me chicken. If you think your tiny brain can handle these duties please apply. Oh and bring chicken as an offering. Offerings will get you far.

The Supreme and Fabulous Abigail

If you're interested in other blogs, which i doubt since they don't involve me, you can check out the ones below. I'm warning you though, they don't involve me so unimportant. 

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