Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Start

You know when everything goes wrong? Well that's how my life has been for the last 8 months. I slid on the ice and broke my right leg (both bones and a bone in my ankle). I couldn't work for 2 weeks and when I finally made it back to work I was in a wheel chair since I couldn't walk at all. That lasted until May when I was finally able to wear both shoes again. My mom went into the hospital at the beginning of June, end of June and was finally admitted July 10 with a massive stroke. She passed away on July 18 and I can honestly say that it still doesn't seem real.

This week I am finally taking a break from it all to hang out with one of my best friends, and fellow writer, Jessica Jarman. I am finally back to writing and she and I are plotting out a series we are writing together. It will be under the name J.G. Riley. We hope to have the first book finished by the end of this year and we can submit to a publisher then. When I know more information I will certainly post it.

I'm thinking nothing but positive thoughts now because I refuse to do anything else. *g* Hope all of you will do the same.