Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crushing on Some Boy Part 2

A year or so ago . . . or it could have been last week. Who know? This damn time change has really screwed me up. Anyway, sometime in the past I wrote a post about a crush I had when I was a kid. My very first crush, Tony De Franco of the De Franco Family. *sigh* I think I was maybe 7 or 8, anyway if you get the urge, check them out on YouTube, but remember the lead singer is mine! As I was saying, as it will happen tastes change. I outgrew Tony, who was a mere boy, and found Parker Stevenson.

I loved and love Nancy Drew! I read all the books. My mom bought me the entire set and I read them again. So when they created a show around the series I was all over it. I watched it faithfully. Then came the Hardy Boys. Now I didn't read those since I didn't care about boys solving mysteries, but when I saw Parker Stevenson, ohhhhh buddy, did my tiny 11 year old hormones flutter. Whatever night that show came on I was stationed in front of the TV to watch my man solve mysteries. My younger sister loved, loved , loved Shawn Cassidy and he played the younger Hardy Boy. She and I were in total heaven.

And, Parker can totally rock a turtle neck, right?? Oh the acting was superb, I'm sure. But then again I wasn't watching it for the story now was I?? Nope I just wanted to see my man run and jump and solve mysteries no one else could. As you can tell from the pic they spared no expense with makeup and costumes. And the hair . .. wow, feathered bangs never looked so good.

If you're asking, what's the point of this blog? I'll tell you. Once again, think back to who you had a crush on when you were a kid. If you are STILL dating that kind of person RUN AWAY!!!  And this was my public service announcement for today. You're welcome