Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. The year has whipped by and I can't say I have much to show for it. No new books, though I'm still working. A battle with depression that, I think, I'm winning. Still, I have so much to be thankful for. It helps to remind myself of this. 

The youngest girl in the pic is one of the biggest thankfuls I have in my life. My sister is my best friend, confidant, partner in crime, travel buddy, secret keeper, crafting companion, and someone I can't imagine being without. I can tell you when the above pic was taken I wasn't feeling any of it. LOL!

My next thankful is my sweet little kitten, Maeve. She's so soft and so cuddly and makes even crappy days better.

I'm so thankful for my fabulous friends!!! No matter if you live near or far, if I see you often or hardly at all, you are so much in my heart and thoughts. 

Wine!!!! I don't think I need to say more. Do I???

Coffee and/or tea!! I think these 2 beverages have probably saved lives on some days. 

Seriously, I'm truly thankful for the readers who buy my books. Without you I'd be writing in a vacuum and that's no fun. I'm thankful for the ability to write. And I'm really thankful for other writers who produce such amazing reads.

I'm thankful for music, which I love so much (other than country, I don't like country music). And art and drama and dance, none of which I can do, but I enjoy experiencing. 

I'm also thankful for the ability to be thankful. To understand where and how my life is blessed and to appreciate those blessings. 

Now, run and check out what some of my amazing friends are thankful for.

Jessica D

If you celebrate, have an awesome Thanksgiving and, if not, just have an amazing week. See you next Wednesday!! -- Gwen


  1. I love your sister so hard. She's pretty much the best. You guys are lucky to have each other. :) And Maeve is so stinking sweet. I want to kiss her little face. I'm thankful for you, too! :)

    1. She is the best! Then again you have an awesome sister too. We so won the sister lottery!!

  2. So thankful for you...and Jude! And that you two have each other. :)