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I love the topic of this post, since I could probably list the mistakes from every book I've ever written. Thankfully, I don't make the same mistakes, but new fabulous ones each time. Oh wait, need to share Wednesday Male Hotness

Aaaaaand you're welcome. 

Okay, focus people, I'm down here. Anyway, mistakes. My first pubbed book was called Quest for Fire and I really loved the story. And, when looking back, parts of it are really good. But a book can't stand on parts alone. So here's the mistakes I made:

First, the book was written as a entertainment piece for me and a friend while we were slogging through our teaching Master's program. It was never intended to be a book for mass consumption. So there's a number of inside jokes and story plots that just don't make sense. I was such a newbie author I never considered any of this. Now I write with the express purpose of putting the story out there. Also, I read and reread what I've written over and over again to make sure the story holds up. I also have fabulous editors I trust, which helps immensely. I listen to them and take the advice they give.

Next, one of the character's wasn't very likable unless you understood the inside jokes. Huge problem. What made it worse was the fact of how I chose to craft the story. Some of her actions and decisions just didn't make sense. I chalk that up to the fact that the book wasn't meant to be read by anyone, plus school was stressful. The stress and anger came out in Abby's actions. Yeah, I've learned not to use my character's as a release valve.

I think I'm more confident in my writing and my voice. I also know where I make mistakes and where I need to improve. I have a document where I keep all the repetitious words and phrases I use. When I think the MS is ready to go to the editor, I pull it out and go through the book one more time. Often I catch myself on the first draft now so I can avoid, but never entirely. 

Thankfully, I have the rights to the book back so I plan on fixing, updating and releasing it sometime in the future. I still love the story and the characters and I know the book will be better for all the changes I plan on making. 

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