Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello!! The song this month is by Nickelback and it's called The Hammer's Coming Down. I hope you enjoy!!

Cash eased into the darkness, gun gripped tight. The whole Op had gone to shit from the moment they’d entered the town. No, wrong, it had gone to shit when their bosses had said it was simple. In and out, they’d been told, no big deal. He knew better than to listen to the pencil pushers who didn’t have fucking clue one about what the job entailed. Now, his partner was missing, and he was skulking through the darkness hoping like hell he didn’t get his ass shot off.
A small noise brought his progress to a halt. Raising his gun, he leaned out just enough to see the empty street. The town they’d found themselves in was small in size, but large in area. Truly, it looked as if the population had tossed rocks as far as they could, then said, “Yep, I’ll build there.” Made it easy to move around, but not so easy trying to find someone.
Cursing to himself, he pressed his back against a dilapidated house and inched out farther. Wind moved through the trees, causing the leaves to flutter and flail, but no other movements met his gaze. Where the fuck were they keeping her? He’d be the first to admit he was royally pissed off when they stuck him with a female partner, but now, after nearly two years, they were a solid team. They complemented one another; they’d die for one another. He’d burn the fucking place down if anything happened to her.
The shattering of glass drew him down the street toward a small house set back from road. Cash ran, knowing in his gut, the sounds involved Zoe. As he ran into the yard, a loud crash accompanied a man flying out the main front window, glass and wood following behind. The unknown man rolled slowly to his knees and attempted to get up as Zoe jumped out the hole left by the window. Running forward, she kicked the man in the side. He screamed and tried to roll away from her, but she kicked him again.
The front door was pulled open and another man stepped out on to the porch, rifle in hand. He raised it and aimed at Zoe. Cash stepped out and calmly put a bullet through him. Zoe looked up, her lip bloody and swollen, a long cut running down her cheek and tried to smile.
“Fucking awful day,” she said, giving the guy on the ground one last kick.
Cash grabbed her hand as the two of them sprinted to where he’d stashed the car. 

And that was my piece inspired by Nickelback. If you have thoughts or questions just tuck them down in the comments. Now run over and check out what my fellow Blogger Girlz came up with. I know you won't be disappointed.


Jessica D.

See you all on Wednesday for total randomness! --Gwen


  1. Nice. That Nickelback inspires a kickass Ops soldier and an equally great guy. :D Well-played.

    1. Thanks! As soon as I listened to the song, Cash popped into my head. I actually like Nickelback. I have 3 of their CDs and they're all loaded on my MP3 player.

  2. Nice job - definitely feels like it could be part of something longer. Do you think you'll turn it into a full length book?

    1. Maybe, I'm not sure. The whole scene just popped into my head so I wrote it. I'm glad you like it.

  3. This is one of those stories that leaves me with a lot of questions and wanting to know more. Great job!

  4. I agree...seems like this is a part of a bigger story. Perhaps one that will be coming to us in the future...nudge, nudge.

    1. LOL!! Maybe . . . after the vamps and more vamps and dragons and . . . . .