Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Hello!! Happy Gwens-day! Before we get started let me give you Wednesday hotness. Oh and I used this pic as the basis for my character Cameron in the book I just finished called No Strings.

So our topic this week is our favorite websites. I could totally tell you that I'm way too busy to be goofing off online, but that would be such a lie. I wish I could stay away because I'd get more written. It's like a sickness though and I can't stay away. So here are some of my favorite places to visit:

1. Facebook - of course, how could I not list this one?? I have 2 accounts, one author and one personal and I check both of them quite frequently.

2. Yahoo - I love looking at all the news headlines. Sometimes, this is how I find out about stuff.

3. Etsy - if you've never hit this site you are missing out. It's a site totally devoted to online shops from amazing artists. I've purchased jewelry, artwork, and essential oil perfumes and loved all of them

4. Barnes & Noble - I own a Nook ebook reader and I think that's all I need to say about this site. LOL

5. Amazon - it's crazy, but this is where I keep my wishlist for books and such. 

6. Pinterest - my sis and I both love this site since we find a lot of recipes and crafts to do.

7. Ravelry - I love to knit and hit the site for new patterns.

Those are my favorites. If you have any suggestions for amazing sites I should visit, just leave it in the comment section. Now, run over and check out what sites the rest of the ladies love.

Jessica D.

See you all next week!--Gwen


  1. Love me some Ravelry. Now I just need to find some time to knit. :/

    1. I have a project half finished that I need to get back to. It's a scarf for my sister. Whoops

  2. I'm starting to see a running theme between the bloggers included on this topic today. And now I all of a sudden have a desire to learn how to knit.

    1. Do it, Jessica, join us on the yarn side. You won't regret it. ;-)