Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random Wednesday: Do You Believe In Ghosts? or . . . If You See A Ghost, Don't Call Me Call the GhostBusters

Hello! And welcome to the Randomness that is the Wednesday Blog. As we close in on Halloween our topic today is all about ghosts. Bwahahahahaha!!! 

So if you have any ghosts, you need to call the above guys
because I don't handle that kind of crap. 

First off, I do believe in ghosts. I can't say I've had tons of encounters or anything. But I have had some odd things happen that affirmed to me that they exist.

So, my Mom had a massive stroke and lived for a week. It was utterly miserable and I was so stressed out as my sister and I tried to make decisions for her. Not something I would ever wish on my worst enemy. Anyway, after she passed of course my sister and I did the "What If" dance. You know the one. What if we would have done this or that. Totally worthless, but that's how we roll. 

It was probably . . . a month after she died and I was in bed, middle of the night, on my side kind of drifting. But a noise made me open my eyes and my mom is squatting by my bed. Now, she hadn't been able to squat in forever, because before the stroke, she was on a walker due to injuries from osteoporosis. So there she is squatting by my bed and I know I should be freaking out, but I don't. Because it's my mom and I missed her so much (still do). 

She tells me that my sister and I did the right thing and she's fine. She wants me to knock off the worrying. She calls me "love" like she always did and she smiled. She looked so good, young and just amazing. A second later, I blink and she's gone. This is the part that I roll over, sit up and freak out for about five seconds. 

Then, I realize, the guilt and stress I carried is gone. I felt so much better. She's been gone a little over 4 years and I still miss her like crazy, but I know she's okay.

And that's my "ghost" story. So tell me down in the comments if you believe. Do you have an encounter? Oh and check out the other Blogger Girlz to see what they think about ghosties. 


See you next week--GC


  1. I got massive goose bumps reading that. I'm so glad she was able to come to you and reassure you. <3

    1. Me too! I still look for her and I know she's there watching because odd things will happen, but no appearances.