Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Random Wednesday: Best Halloween Memories . . . or Let the Spooky Times Roll!!

Hello! Welcome to Random Wednesday Spooky Halloween edition. Today we're talking about our favorite Halloween memories or traditions. But before we do, let me give you some hot guyness, man I got some shit last week for not including one.

And . . . yeah, wow, okay. So memories of Halloween. When I was a kid my all time favorite costume was Bella LaGhostly of the Groovy Ghoulies (70s kids Saturday morning cartoon). I wore it a couple of years in a row

Bella LaGhostly

My sister had a black cat costume she wore for umpteen years. It wasn't the cheap plastic pants she cared about, but the mask. The mask was totally awesome as was my Bella mask. 

Anyway, the neighborhood we lived in was built right after WWII and was fairly self-contained. It seemed like my Mom and aunt knew everyone. So when we went around on Halloween night we didn't get crappy drug store candy, but homemade candy and cookies, and cupcakes. Some of the houses had parties going on so when you got there you went in and they gave you punch and cookies and still gave you candy in the sack. I remember one lady made the best caramel apples. Yum! 

Then it all stopped when some asshole somewhere put a razor blade in an apple. No more homemade anything. :-( Then it was the nasty peanut butter candies wrapped in the orange and black paper. Bleck! I think I only went out another year or so then my sister and I decided to stay home and hand out candy.

We decorated the living room all scary and I dressed as a witch (very appropriate) and my sister wore her black cat costume. We had black lights and scary music going. We were having a ball. Our cousins came to the door and we were handing them candy, laughing and talking. I remember one of them, getting huge eyes and starting to scream and point. I turned around and out of the darkness lurches this huge, headless figure.

OMG! I think all of us about shit. There was running and screaming and flailing around like muppets.  

It turns out my dad had created this rig he put on his shoulders and then draped his huge black coat over it. I thought he and my mom were going to bust a gut laughing once all of the kids calmed down and quit running for the next state. I'd love to say he didn't fool me, but I was running and flailing with the rest of them.

So there you have it. My very favorite Halloween memories. Go check out the other Blogger Girlz and see what's up with them and share you memories down in the comments. I'd love to read them.

See you next week! --GC


  1. LMAO thinking of your dad getting you. :)
    No pics of you in your incredibly awesome costume? ;)

    1. maybe, I'd have to really dig to see if I can come up with one. I'll look

    2. OMG!!! That is so brilliant - what a great memory of your dad!!!! I'm with Jess. Start digging for pictures, woman!!!