Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hmmm, can one make resolutions in August? Ah well I never claimed to be a normal citizen so I'm walking my own walk and making my resolutions now. I guess I feel it's time to get up and get moving. My Mom died a year ago in July and to say this past year has been difficult is putting it mildly. A list of my accomplishments for the year is sad at best. I gained 25 pounds (yah Gwen O_o), started 6 books, but didn't finish any and the only exercise I got was walking to the refrigerator. *sigh* Not anything to be proud of, that's for sure. Last Thursday, August 2nd, is when I decided enough is enough. I am now exercising. I've done Tae Bo almost everyday, gave up all soft drinks, and am eating better. This Wednesday I am flying to Philadelphia to attend the Authors After Dark Conference where I will meet up with my writing partner in crime, Jessica Jarman. Together we are going to jump into writing and get moving. I have other things I want to accomplish this year, but so far I am pretty happy with the path I'm on.

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  1. I am so glad you have decided to exercise. I am sure you will lose weight and feel a lot better. The better you feel the more you will write. Good luck.