Monday, August 29, 2011

Hysterical Paroxysm or Hell to the Yeah!!!!

So I'm sitting here watching this show called Curiosity on the Science Channel. Because, as you know, I am wildly interested in furthering my knowledge on any subject. Additionally, I am a life-long learner, as it were. Okay, whatever, I also waste a ton of time when I should be writing. I'm the queen at finding other things to do other than write. But this is totally research, I swear. The show I am now watching is all about the orgasm. See . . . I'm an author of erotic romance so I'm gaining knowledge to use in my books.

I discovered that there is a museum in New York that contains the very first vibrators. These came about because doctors decided that women needed a "hysterical paroxysm" to keep them healthy. So women would go to the doctor to receive one of these. *snicker* Because it got hard . . . I mean difficult for these doctors to get all these women off so vibrators were developed to make it easier to give women the paroxysms quickly. Can you imagine? Going to the doctor's office to pay a doctor to give you an orgasm?? Soon though these handy-dandy machines were being offered in catalogs like Sears.

Anyway, out of this entire hour it comes down *giggle* to it just feeling good and being good for you. Really? It took a bunch of scientists and even more money to come up with this conclusion? Hell, I could have told them that and they wouldn't even have to pay me that much. I mean, look at how well romance novels sell. Who wants to read about a woman who never has an orgasm? Or whose love life is so boring you'd just prefer to eat a bowl of ice cream? Yeah, me neither. We want . . . no we need to read about people having mind-blowing sex usually contained within a relationship. So, hell yeah it's good for us.

But I think this shows us that sex, for women, is all in the mind. In fact, there was a woman in the show who thought herself to orgasm. She didn't touch herself or use a vibrator, nothing, she just thought it. Wow, can you imagine doing that? Sitting on the bus or at our desk and whammo we have an orgasm. Hmmm, now that is a good way to spend some time.

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