Friday, September 23, 2011

Inside Looking Out Pt. 3

Have I mentioned that most of us working at the museum are total history geeks? Well if I haven't, let me just say that we are. And we aren't just your typical history geeks we're . . .unique, unique history geeks. To illustrate this point, let me tell you about the "fight" that's currently going on between some of my geeky co-workers. These people will of course remain anonymous to protect their identities, blah, blah, blah. For the sake of the story they shall be dubbed Jodi and Kelly, because those are sooooooo totally random names. Anyway, so Kelly, um wait . . . "Kelly"is one of the absolutely fabu curators that work here taking care of artifacts and creating exhibits. Jodi . . . sorry, "Jodi" is a really good friend and she's also my boss in the education center.
To start out the story, the museum is currently prepping for an exhibit entitled Civil War: My Brother, My Enemy which opens in October. Part of the prep calls for the creation of text panels, which of course contain photos. One of the photos that'll be used is of a man named Major John Davidson whose family lived here in Kentucky. Oh, his picture is to the left so you can get a look at him. Anyway, there's a mock-up of the panel with him on it downstairs across the hall from the curators' office. Next to his photo is a sticky note that reads something like "Back up off him you Ho. He's my man." This was written by Kelly . . . wait "Kelly," apparently in answer to some email that had been sent claiming ownership of said man. Next to the sticky note is another one in the shape of a heart that reads "J.L. + J.D. = True Love." Who, you ask, rendered this scathing reply to the Ho note? Jodi . . . "Jodi" of course. Under all that, is another sticky note that reads: "He doesn't want either one of you. He loves me. M" I'm sure you are wondering who the mysterious M is. It's another person who works in the exhibits area named Monty . . . wait "Monty" who figured he might as well jump in and add his dog to the fight, as it were. Now "Monty" is married with a baby daughter, but that never stopped a history geek before right??
Personally, I think he's handsome, but not worth all the carrying on and threats. And, truly, my man could whoop him any day of the week. To top it off, he is a much higher rank that a mere major. Finally, he truly is desperately in love with me. So notes of congratulation can be sent to me and General Ulysses Grant (left) at my email addy. I'll certainly keep you all apprised of our budding romance and how the "Ho" fight eventually ends.

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