Monday, December 27, 2010

Thankful for the Holidays

Can I just say how thankful I am that the holidays are almost over? This year was certainly a rough one and not something I'd want to repeat anytime too soon. My mother passed away 5 months ago from a massive stroke, which was incredibly sudden and unexpected. This left my sister and I struggling along attempting to figure out what normal is for us now. It hasn't been easy, but we are so lucky to have the friends we do. Two of our very best friends drove up from Memphis, TN (6 hours) to spend the holiday with us. We had the best time and though it did suck, it didn't suck nearly as bad as it could have. In fact, there were moments where we were laughing and having a good time. Mom would have liked that. Unfortunately, they had to leave on the 26th, but my writing partner and awesome friend Jessica Jarman flew in that afternoon. We have been writing, relaxing and talking which is exactly what I needed. Will I get a ton of writing done this week? I have no idea and I don't even think that's important. What is important is the friends I have and how thankful I am they are in my lives. So I guess, instead of being thankful the holidays are over, I need to turn it around and be thankful for all the people I love who are still in my life. My mom would appreciate that sentiment and say that I am finally celebrating the holidays right.

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  1. Well, I know I'm damned lucked to have you in my life. Love ya, sister! And the words will get written...maybe not at the exact pace we want, but they'll come. They always do. :-D