Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Cat has Brain Damage

I really think my cat Warlock has brain damage, bless his heart. ;-D Okay, so here's the deal. He's never ever been allowed on my coffee table. Ever! So I'm sitting on the couch writing and I look over and he's standing on the table. O_O Hello?? What?? So I shew him off the table. A second later I look over and there he is again. So I get the water bottle after him and spray him. He jumps down, licks his shoulder, and a second later there he is again. What the crap? He gets up on the table another billion times and each time he gets sprayed, usually in the face!!! And he still gets up on the table. Who does this if there isn't something mentally wrong?? Each time he's up there, he gets water in the face, gives a little cry, jumps down, and cleans his face. Another second later there he is up on the table again!!! I got nothing to explain this. All I know is that after a while my friend Jessica Jarman and i are laughing our butts off because he continues to get up on that table and gets sprayed for it every time. If nothing else, we can call him persistent.

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  1. Hi, Gwen,

    The thing is, cats think that they control reality. If they try hard enough, things will rearrange themselves in the desired configuration. The other night one of our cats jumped up onto the table where my husband was getting ready to feed them, and knocked the empty food bowl to the floor, about half a dozen times. Clearly, he believed that with enough perseverance, the bowl would fill itself. (And of course, it did...!)