Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Before I get to the musings or otherwise, it's time for MHW (Male Hotness Wednesday)
Okay, so our topic this week is songs that remind me of my parents, siblings, and childhood. 

The first is easy and so silly. The song that reminds me of my sister is Sleigh Ride by Steve Lawrence and Edie Gormey. We would drag the album out every Christmas, put this song on and pretend to be Steve and Edie. It was a tradition.

Another song that reminds me of my sister is Annie, Roll Down Your Window by Mary Fahl. We love to travel together so this song was the one we would put on as we hit the road.

My dad loved Roger Miller and anytime I hear one of his songs I think of him. This was the one he'd sing the most often.

My Mom was a huge morning person. I remember her coming into my room and singing to me to wake me up. Have I mentioned I am NOT a morning person. It would drive me crazy. LOL! This is the song she would sing to me.

Our house was always filled with music. My Mom had a huge record recollection,which we still have. My sister and I would pull out her 78s and listen to them all the time. She also had a lot of Broadway musicals so I fell in love with them. I think my favorite was Camelot. 

I actually collected the album for my own since I listened to it all the time. Another was My Fair Lady (Broadway cast) with, of course, Julie Andrews

Now go and check out the songs Bronwyn, Kris, Paige, and Deelylah talk about. 


  1. I love Camelot!

    I need to know - do you and Sis still pretend to be Steve and Eydie? Because if so, that makes my day! :D

    1. We do!!! Sis does a major lounge-lizard deal as Steve. It's awesome

  2. OMG... I still sing Good Morning to myself, sometimes. Great movie.

    1. LOL!!! I love it. I actually would sing it to my students sometimes.

  3. Great list! A Julie Andrews fan! Cool. Do you know that Julie Andrews did the original Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella before Leslie Ann Warren - the one most of us remember? I found a copy a few years ago. It was black and white, but the songs were mostly the same. Oh wow! Chug-a-lug! :D Thanks for the memories.

  4. Gwen. Sleigh Ride. *sigh* It isn't Christmas until Sleigh Ride comes out! When I was in school, the band director always closed the Holiday Concert with the Symphonic Band playing it. <3 I'm also a musical fan...and I never sing to my students in the morning, but those that have me in the afternoon might be treated to something random that comes to mind during a discussion ;-)