Wednesday, February 1, 2017


When I first saw this, I had a total misread and thought it said Top 10 ways to hook me a reader. I, of course, then added a huge twang to that sentence and got quite a laugh. Needless to say, that was not, obviously, what it said. I so need to get some sleep.

Anyway, here are things authors need to do to hook ME as a reader.

1) The book must be contemporary or paranormal - I read sooooo many historical (or hysterical as I used to call them) romance novels back in the day I just can't do them anymore. If the book has people in big puffy gowns on the cover I move on.

2) Amazing cover art - I do judge a book by its cover and the covers have to catch my attention. They do not necessarily have to have shirtless men pictured (though that doesn't hurt), but I want the cover to be something special.

3) An interesting back cover blurb. If I see a cover I like, I WILL pick it up and read the back cover. If it mentions some kind of mystery or it makes me laugh I will probably buy it.

4) Likable characters. And I'm sure you're thinking, well duh, but no that is not a given. I've read some books where the main characters were total shitheads. If they have no redeeming value I am out.

5) Smart characters. I do not want a stupid misunderstanding that keeps the hero and heroine apart. If they aren't together make it for a good reason. Nothing like she sees him talking to another girl and rushes out only to find out later it was his sister. Totally lame.

6) Falling in love without giving a reason. I just finished a book where the man and woman really didn't have that intense of a connection and yet somehow they were in love. They hadn't talked all that much, they did text, but nothing that struck me as deep sharing. I just didn't get it.

7) Good sex scenes. If the author is going to write sex, I want it to be good. I also want the characters to do more than have sex, so sometimes too much of a good thing isn't all that good.

8) Multiple books. I love a good series, especially one that I can really get to know the characters and they grow. I love J.D. Robb's In Death and Nalini Singh's Archangel and Psy/Changeling. Tons of characters and each one is given equal time. Every time I pick one up it feels as though I'm getting together with friends.

9) Humor. If a book can make me laugh out loud then I will keep coming back for more. Shelly Laurenston and Molly Harper are both great authors for this. Neither one has an issue with poking fun at their characters, which I love.

10) Snappy dialogue. I love when the characters are talking and it sounds and feels natural. 

And those are the top ten ways to hook me and keep me as a reader. What kind of things do you look for?? Also, go and check out what the other bloggers look for in books.



  1. Unlikeable or unsympathetic characters make me a little stabby. I mean, I don't expect to fall in love with every character, but when they're just hateful assholes, I'm out. And ugh - falling in love for no reason. I haaaaaaaaate that. Do you ever feel like that happens when authors employ more telling than showing?

    1. Exactly, especially if the characters are supposed to be the focus of the story and the story is a romance. If he's a jackwagon I don't understand why she loves him. And yes i think the telling not showing is one reason. I just finished a book though that the couple didn't spend all that much time together. I didn't get it.

  2. Looks like we're all on board with good dialogue thus far. And you have some other great points. Good sex scenes if it's an erotic book is spot on. And I love the falling in love with a reason, lol.

    1. I love good dialogue. And if it makes me laugh all the better

  3. Ah, the blurb...that's a big one I missed...but totally agree with you on.

    And the falling in love with no reason...makes me rage-y. I tend to agree with Bron - I see this more when there is more telling than showing. When we aren't deep enough in the characters' heads/POV so we aren't experiencing it and it falls flat.

    Fabulous list!

    1. The blurb is the bane of my existence so I truly love when it's well written. And I agree with feeling rage-y, especially if one of them is a total assface. I usually end up dumping the book and not finishing.