Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The song this month is Glycerine by Bush. If you don't know it, or, haven't heard it in a while click the link and check it out. Even after 20+ years the song is still good. 

I'm not sure if the song inspired this bit of flash fiction or the song just prompted me to write it down, but whatever. I'm fairly certain this will, eventually, become a book. Oh and if you have comments or suggestions just let me know. 

Dark slowly took over the forest as Walker Monroe moved confidently through the brush, constantly sweeping the area with a light and calling. Always calling. Today it was Molly, but a week ago, it had been Ben. He couldn’t understand parents who brought their children out to the woods and, then, didn’t watch them. This place wasn’t a store, where doors could be locked and the space was finite. Hell, no, it was thousands of acres of wooded land. Thousands of acres where most people never went.
No matter, when a child went missing, Walker automatically came out. He knew most of this land like the back of his hand. To him, it was home, but a dangerous one that had to be respected.
His radio crackled and a voice came through. “The child has been found safe. Pack it in and head back to base.”
Relief washed through him as he turned and started back the way he’d come. Now that the kid was located he began to mentally go through the groups on his schedule for the next few days. Walker and his best friend, Cade, were owners of Walker Stewart Wilderness Guides. While Cade worked with the newbies and groups interested in day walks, Walker took on the people who wanted to go harder, truly experience nature over days or even weeks. So far, it was working for them.
A slight noise off to his left, pulled him from his thoughts and swing the flashlight in that direction. What he saw stunned him. A woman, in little more than a tattered shirt, stumbled out of the woods. Her skin was white, so white, which made her blue eyes stand out in her gaunt face.
Walker moved forward as she slumped to the ground.
“Help me,” she mumbled, “please help me.”
“I’ve got you.” He dropped his pack and dug a thermal blanket out to wrap her in. Grabbing up his walkie he called in to base asking for immediate assistance.
“Don’t let him find me,” she whispered, grabbing his hand.
“I’ve got you. No one is going to hurt you. I promise.”

Walker swung the frail woman up into his arms and began to move swiftly through the night dark forest.

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  1. Okay, you have captured my attention. I need to know more! I definitely see this as the start of something. So you should really get on that. ;-) MWAH

  2. Oh wow!! I agree with Jess. My attention is definitely captured. I hope you expand on this. I'm dying to know what happened.