Friday, May 15, 2015


This past Wednesday we did three truths and a lie. If you remember my stories were about growing up in the catholic schools, dancing on a bar in New Orleans, riding roller coasters, and hiking through a Mexican jungle.

The lie was *drum roll please* The evil roller coaster!! I hate roller coasters. They scare the stew out of me. I couldn't ride one once, much less multiple times. So, if you guessed that one, go you!!

I did go to catholic schools up through and including college. The reason, I got a full time job at the college and part of my benefits were 2 free classes a semester. I was so not turning that down. I got my undergrad in Liberal Studies for free and half off my Masters tuition.

I did dance on a bar in New Orleans. LOL! Like I said, our bartender was hot and had an awesome Cajun accent. Who am I to turn that down? Besides, free drinks!!

And yep, hiked through the Mexican jungle. So flipping hot. It was like 98 degrees and a billion percent humidity. The more I walked the more I thought, I have to get something out of this. So I wrote the opening scene to Quest for Fire using the experience. The book is no longer available, but it's in the pile to be rewritten. When it is, I'll let you know.

See you all on Monday for Flash Fiction based on a song!!


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