Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello!! And before we get started here is your Random Wednesday Hotness!!

This week we're discussing who we'd love to star in a movie made from one of our books. That's kind of tough, because when I write I don't imagine someone from the movies or TV. My characters come to life in my head. They're real and maybe you can't see them, but I can. *sigh* I know, strange, but then again I suppose writers are strange. 

If I had to choose one of my books to put on the screen I'd love to see Dark Promise (the first book in the Promises series). Here's the cover for the book:

When I first created this series, I actually got the initial idea for Talon from watching the movie Peter Pan. I saw Jason Isaacs with his mane of black curly hair and I was instantly inspired. But I really think this man would make the ultimate Talon.

Wow! If I wanted children he could totally be my baby-daddy!

Anyway, I suppose since I picked a Talon I need a Joelle. The name comes from a friend of mine. She doesn't like it, but I love her name. I think it's so pretty. So I found this actress and her name is Kelly Brook. I think she's close to what I imagine Joelle would look like.

For Grimm, I would so have Chris Hemsworth star . . . because duh, Thor!

Channing Tatum could certainly play Charon.

Quenton took me a little bit of thinking, but I would put Tom Mison in the role. Because I love me some Sleepy Hollow, plus the man is an awesome actor.

And, that's my dream cast. Sorry for not including Reaper or Styx, but I just can't see anyone being Reaper right now. If I do think of anyone I will certainly post is pic. Hey, if you have any suggestions, let me know. Just drop the names down in the comments below.

Now run over and check out the other Blogger Girlz and see who would star in their books.

See you all next week!! -- Gwen


  1. Jason Momoa is the only reason I have the tiniest interest in seeing Aquaman. So much better than the old Justice League cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid. :)

    1. I've lusted after that man ever since I saw him in Star Gate Atlantis. He's the only reason I watched the show. LOL

  2. Jason Momoa...heartily approve. And Chris H for Grimm? Very nice. :)

    1. Thanks. :-) As soon as I saw Chris pic I was like, yep that's Grimm.

  3. When I saw the Aquaman picture I was floored. I didn't think they could make Aquaman cool - but they found a way. Also, when I saw Channing on the Oscars all I could think of was, "Get that guy a pair of glasses. Why is he squinting so much?" I know realized that's just how he looks. My apologies to Channing.