Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Random Wednesday: All I Want For Christmas . . . or Sit Back and Tell Me How Much Time Do You Have???

OMG! Can you believe the holidays are almost here??? Everything went so fast. One minute it was Halloween and the next thing you know it's almost the end of December! Oh first let me give you a holiday gift:

And, you're welcome! See I am a kind and benevolent goddess. ;-)

Okay, so our topic this week is about what we want for Christmas. First, I'm pagan so I celebrate Yule (winter solstice) and that is December 21, which is this Sunday. But I also celebrate Christmas, because my sister does so I kind of get a two-fer. Aren't I awesome??

I have all kinds of wishes so right now I'm going to tell you what they are and toss them out to the universe all at the same time. I think some of them will catch.

My first wish is for there to be peace. I don't even watch the news anymore since it's filled with constant bad news. But I don't want peace just in our world, but peace in everyone's heart, mind and soul. I think it really does start with each individual. If every single one of us could just feel peaceful and positive and awesome the world would be so much better. 

My next wish is for the people nearest and dearest to my heart. I want them to get whatever their secret desire is and I will star that with the idea that their desire won't hurt anyone else. So wish away loved ones and let's see what happens.

My next wish is for me. I have been searching for a job since July and so far, nothing. So I really wish a fabulous job will come my way. One that I will love and will give me the time to write. Now, if the fabulous job, is writing for a living. Then I would so, so love that. If I could make a solid living from writing I am jumping on that horse and riding it to the finish . . . or something like that. 

My final wish is to all you readers out there. May your holiday be filled with nothing but fun, love, and magic. 

Now go check out what the other Blogger Girlz want for Christmas. I'm going to bet it has nothing to do with teeth. 


Happy Yule, Merry Christmas, and Season's Greetings!! Gwen


  1. I truly hope your wishes come true, Gwennie. ~ Bron

  2. I wish you get the fab new job, whether it's writing or something else. And maybe chocolate. No one wished for chocolate.Hmm, there is something amiss here....

    1. Well crud! I should have wished for chocolate for all of us. Rats! Okay and I wish for tons of really really good chocolate. :-)