Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random Wednesday Blog: I Have Mad Skills . . . Mad, Crazy, Scary Skills

Huh, mad skills? I so wish I could tell you all that I'm like a secret ninja. Leaping out of the darkness to wreak vengeance on evil-doers . . . or whatever. But yeah, that's not me.

I do have loads of pics of hot men. Is that a mad skill??

Okay, let's just say I may have some skills, but they're so not very mad, bad, or dangerous. I can knit . . . fairly well. But I will admit that the project I'm currently working on I've already ripped out and started over on it. AND, I've made this particular item twice before. AND I just realized that I screwed up the pattern both times. LOL So yeah I'm okay at knitting.

Huh, I also make jewelry, but I wouldn't say I'm awesome at it. I think my pieces look good, but you wouldn't find them in a boutique. So, no, no mad jewelry making skills.

I'm Southern and if you consider that a mad skill well then scooter I am all over that. I can bless your heart, say, "I swanee I haven't seen you in a coon's age." Then make you some incredible sweet tea all while being semi-polite. 

I do consider my writing a type of mad skill, but I think my agility to procrastinate is even more ah-mazing! Jeez Louise, I can find ten other things I should do other than the job I NEED to do, like write. Then by the time I do all those things, fiddle around, knit, stare at the TV and talk to my sister it's time to go to bed since the day's over. Yep, procrastinators you've found your Empress. 

I have a really good sense of direction, so maybe that's my mad skill. I rarely if never get lost and if I've been someplace once then I can usually find it again. Bam! It's like magic!! 

Yeah, maybe you should go check out the other Blogger Girlz and see what kind of game they have. If I figure out my official mad skill I'll give you a holler and let you know. 


See you all next week!! --GC


  1. Yeah hot guy pics definitely counts as a mad skill.

    And I think you're better at the things you listed then you think. :-P

    1. I thought hot guy pics would count as a skill! I have tons of them so that makes me incredible. :-) And if you think i'm good at stuff I will just bite my tongue and say, "Thank you." Which you know is difficult, but I'll do it anyway. :-)

  2. I think not getting lost is a HUGE mad skill!!! I can't find my way out of a wet paper bag...

    What is "swanee"? Please translate for your guests from the North?

    1. Swanee is a polite way to say "swear" because you know polite Southern women never swear. *snicker* Usually older ladies say swanee and it cracks me up when I hear it.