Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random Wednesday Blog: My 3 Writing Wishes . . . or Do You Have a Genie Handy?

Wow! I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week already?? Time is flying by so fast. And I'm sure you're wondering why I'm rambling about the time and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, this leads me into my 3 writing wishes. Okay, first I really want more than 3, but Jess and Bronwyn came up with the number and I gotta stick with it. Oh!! First I gotta show you manly hotness. And this pic actually has a purpose. I'm basing the character of Lochlan in the new book I'm writing on this hot, hot man.

Okay, writing wishes. So if a hot man genie popped up and would grant my 3 writing wishes here's what I would want. Oh, let's stick a pic in of a genie just for fun.

Wow, alrighty so my first wish would be that I could make a true living from my writing. I would love to write full time and do nothing else and be able to make good money at it. Right now, I'm writing full time, but I'm unemployed so that part sucks. But if I could be like . . . oh I don't know Nora Roberts then I could stay home and write.

My second wish would be that my procrastination tendencies would disappear. I'm way awesome at being distracted. I think I'm like the cats in that the slightest thing will make me lose focus. You know, one minute I'm writing along and then next I'm wandering around the house for some reason. 

My last wish would be that my ideas would never dry up. I love writing. I really do love the entire process though you couldn't tell it on the days that I'm cursing because the characters aren't doing what I wanted or planned. But the feeling of working on a book, honing it, fixing it, and finally getting it published is magic. There's nothing like getting emails from people telling me how much they loved one of my books. 

So there you go, my 3 big wishes. Now I have to go and get back to Lochlan because the man is impatient in a big way. But you should go check out the other Blogger Girlz and see what their wishes are. Also, if you could have wishes what would they be. Tell me about them in the comments.


See you next week!! --GC


  1. I'm sorry Gwen. I didn't really get past the first two pictures. I think there was something about making a living, all just kind of blurs into skin with tattoos...

    1. I know!!! As soon as I saw the first pic I knew he needed a story. Of course, I have to stare at the pic a lot. You know . . . for inspiration and details. Or something

  2. Procrastination...I am familiar with such things... (btw - it's me, Bron. Blogger has decided to hate me today.)

    1. I hate being a procrastinator, but can't seem to stop it. And I'm glad to "see" you even though you're Anonymous.