Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inside Looking Out Pt. 6

It's been awhile since I've written anything about the museum and, for the record, I am still here and loving it. This past summer has been all about the camps. Did I mention we run summer camps? Yep, and I am in the thick of them. I love summer camp, it is so damn much fun. We craft and goof off and learn and go places and I get paid. I know! I'm stunned too!

Our summer exhibit is Samurai and contains amazing artifacts that can't be found anywhere else. The stuff here is owned by private collectors and once it goes away, it's gone. It doesn't go to another museum, but instead goes back to the owners never to be seen again. So if you're close to the Frazier History Museum get your boots in to see this thing before it's gone. The exhibit runs till the end of September. Anyway, we gave 4 summer camps that conntected directly to the exhibit, but we did it more as a cultural look at Japan. The kids loved it and we loved it. I learned some Japanese, did a bunch of crafts, and learned how to Bon dance. I know, I can already tell you all are way jealous.

Now, though, summer camps are over and I always feel antsy. I mean, I'm so used to running from the moment I get here (usually about 7:30) until the moment I leave (usually about 7:00) that I know feel as though I have too much time. Does that make sense? I look around at the work on my desk and get way disappointed it's not a craft I have to do or a PowerPoint I have to put together. One thing I did have to do yesterday was write a blog post. Since I blog I was nominated by my department to be our permanent blogger. Yeah, I know scary, but normally it's not a big deal. I just whip it out and move on, but yesterday I was stuck. What to write about???  I hadn't a clue. Summer camps were over and I hadn't had a chance to get into anything else. Sooooooo . . . I tossed it out on my Twitter and my lovely friend Jennifer Armintrout suggested Grover Cleveland. Oooookay, since I couldn't think of anything else, Grover it was. I think the blog turned out pretty good, but next time I hope I can come up with an idea on my own or she'll suggest something like black holes or the implications of time travel for Dr. Who.


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