Sunday, January 28, 2018


A friend of mine asked for a tutorial for the fairy door I made, so here it is. First thing you need to know, is my crafting skills are limited. I can do a bunch of stuff (knit, make jewelry, make soap, and so on) but I'm not amazing at any of them. I enjoy doing it and so I learn enough to not kill myself. 

Second, my sister and I celebrate a made up holiday we call Mid-Winter. If you want to learn more about it, check out this post. And, if you want to celebrate, then go you! If you read the post, you'll know I have decorations for Mid-Winter, but I love Fairy Doors and none, obviously, exist for Mid-Winter (weirdly enough, they don't exist for fall either). So, I set out to make my own. If you wish to make your own, it's really easy. 

The first thing you need to do is find a small door, any kind of door that makes you happy. Sis ordered a set of 6 doors for me from Amazon. Here's what they look like out of the package:
Totally no thrills, no frills. But they're really cute. 

Next, since the colors for Mid-Winter are an icy blue and silver, I went into our craft stash and found blue paint I thought would work. I was stunned when it was the EXACT color I wanted. When you find your color just paint the entire door. I even painted inside the little windows so no wood would show through.

Now we come to glitter and Mid-Winter is nothing without glitter and sparkle. I knew I wanted to use blue and silver glitter so I decided that the window needed to be silver.
I dumped some glue, I used Elmer's School Glue, onto a paper plate and painted the window using a small paint brush. You want to make sure you cover the entire surface or the glitter won't stick very well. Don't be stingy with the glue.
Once the glue is in place, dump that glitter on. I had a paper plate under the door so I could dump the unused back into the container. If you see spots that didn't get glue, just dab some glue on. If you pick up some glitter no biggie. Then, toss glitter on those spots.
Next, I pulled out my blue glitter. It's really fine and I prefer it since it's easier to dust on. The color is also perfect for Mid-Winter. I can't remember what we bought it for originally, but I'm so glad we did.
Then, I covered the rest of the door with a good amount of glue. I used a larger brush to cover the entire surface.
Thankfully, the glitter has a shaker lid and I shook that stuff all over the door. Not thick like the window, but just enough to give a good coat. Then I turned it over and dumped off the excess. If I saw a spot that didn't get covered I shook more out, until I was satisfied.
Next, I added a door knob. Since I make jewelry, I have a LOT of beads. I dug out a fairly large, kind of flat, crystal
And using hot glue, stuck that where I imagined the knob should go. Yeah, no measuring, nothing scientific. Just eyeball that sucker and glue

A few years ago, Sis and I made our own holiday houses, basing them off the old Putz houses we had as kids. We bought a gob of different holiday/winter themed scrapbook stickers. We just happened to have a large package of snowflakes
I decided to stick them on the door in a random way. Not too many, since I didn't think it would look good and not all lined up either. 
And, voy-ola it's a Mid-Winter Fairy Door! I plan on making doors for spring, Ostara, summer, fall and on and on.  

Hope you enjoyed this and it makes sense. If you have questions, you're more than welcome to hit me up in the comment section or on my Facebook page.

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