Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I love when we do Top 10! This month is all about our very favorite story tropes. If you don't know what they are, believe me, once I start describing them you are so going to get it. These, as always, are in no particular order.

1. Friends who becomes lovers - The 2nd book I had published was exactly this trope. It's called Be Mine. Man and woman, who had been friends, suddenly realize they're meant for each other. I love this since it's something that could really happen.

2. On the run story - Hero/Heroine or Hero/Hero or Heroine/Heroine find themselves in a dangerous situation and must run and stay alive. I love this because it's adventure and danger and a ton of fun to read and write.

3. Fish out of water - So, the hero or heroine find themselves in a place or time they have no clue about and have to cope. For instance, heroine rolling along and suddenly realize vampires are real. How does she handle it? What does she think? How does she react? Or, like my book Mated, heroine is kidnapped by aliens. There's a problem.

4. Hero/Heroine are forced to work together even if they don't like one another. Long and very self-explanatory, but still good. 

5. Hero/Heroine comes home after a long absence - this one is great especially if the cast of characters around them are really fun and interesting. 

6. Hero/Heroine moves to a small quirky town - Sort of like #5, but new town, new people, new rules. 

7. Magic/Witchcraft - I usually like stories that have the heroine able to wield magic. In fact, some of the flash fictions I've written deal with this. Of course, my heroine isn't great at it, but then that creates interesting situations.

8. Sudden pregnancy - Normally, I don't like this trope, but if it's done in a real different way then I'm good. For instance, but I'm working on one that my heroine becomes unexpectedly pregnant through artificial insemination. He's a Shifter and she's human. 

9. Mysteries - And yeah, this isn't really considered a trope, but I think of it that way. If a story has a good whodunnit I am all about that. I really love Cozy Mysteries that have magic and love in them. Oh and funny, they have to be funny.

10. Bad Boy who redeems himself - Yeah, this would hardly ever never happen in real life, but in a romance it works. You know he's mad, bad and dangerous to know to everyone, but the woman he loves. She brings him to his knees and they're devoted to one another. 

So, these are some of my favorite tropes. Check out Bronwyn and Jessica's favs.

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  1. I do love the coming home trope - that's a great one! And one I forgot to add to my list - lol.