Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Welcome to the August Top 10! Before we jump in let me just share some WMH:

Now, let's move into our subject for this week's Random Wednesday Blog.

I don't know if I'll come up with 10, but here goes. Oh, and these are in no particular order.

1. Tough Women! I love to write women who are kick-ass, take no prisoners. Of course, not every single book calls for this, but the ones that do I love it. 

2. Strong Women - I'm sure you're thinking, "Umm, Gwen, didn't you just say this?" And, my answer if no. I think there's a difference between tough and strong. To me, strong means a woman can survive whatever life throws at her and come out better on the other side. Like I said above, I can't make every woman I write into a warrior, but I can make them all strong. They are survivors.

3. Alpha Males - yeah, okay, so sue me. I love men who are physically big and strong and have a bad ass attitude to boot. Though, I try to make sure the men I write aren't assholes. I never want the men to discount anything a woman says, especially the woman the man loves. And, if he does act like a total douche, he will own up to it and apologize.

4. Humor - I love putting things that make me laugh into my books. I truly hope I make others laugh. A good situation or a funny one-liner makes my day and makes me like my character more. I especially love when my men don't take themselves so serious. 

5. Sarcasm - A good zing can also make me laugh. And being able to write a character who is good and sarcastic makes my day. Of course, I try to use this sparingly since I never want someone to come off like an asshole.

6. Adventurous - I love to write a character who is up for anything. Even if he or she is somewhat reluctant to take that leap it's so awesome when that person does. 

7. Brave - I love when my characters are brave, especially when they are afraid. I think it makes the situation and that person someone readers can identify with. When I'm writing a character making a decision he or she knows is the right one and yet it scares the crap out of them it makes the story way better.

8. Independent - I think this really does for my female characters. I want my women to be able to take care of herself, no matter what. She doesn't need a man. And that's why when she allows him to help her, support her, or just hold her it really does show how much she loves him. 

9. Sexy - Yeah, I know, duh Gwen you write romance so of course you want your characters to be sexy. And yes, but I don't want them to be in your face about it. For instance, I want the man in a story think the woman he loves is the sexiest thing on two legs, even if others don't get it. He sees her as sexy, as he should, since he loves her. This goes both ways too. Even if the man I'm writing isn't doing something overtly sexy, I want the woman who loves him to think, "Wow, he is so hot. I want to jump him." 

10. Outspoken - I love to write someone who doesn't mind sharing what's on his or her mind, whether anyone else wants to hear it or not. This will sometimes become a humorous situation. (See what I did there?) And, yet, it will be something, someone needs to hear. 

Now, go out and see what Bronwyn, Kris, and Deelylah have to say.


  1. I love the way you defined tough and strong. Great job on these!

  2. Yes, yes, yes, YES on the difference between tough and strong. Because strength is so much more than the physical. Great list!

  3. I'm late to the game and sounding like a recording of Jess and Bron, but yes! You defined the two differences brilliantly between tough and strong. And I'm not sure I thought about it that way, before. But you're spot on. All of these are great.