Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Hello!! This is a new feature for the randomness that is Wednesday and I am so excited. I love music! Always have. When I was a kid I had a small tape recorder that I would hold up to the radio to make my own mixed tapes. LOL! I'd get so mad if someone would talk or walk in and mess the song up. *rolling eyes* Yeah, as if the recording was going to be all that great anyway. It didn't matter though since I made dozens of those tapes. 

Now, it's even better since I have a MP3 player that I have hundreds (well over a thousand) songs on that I can listen to and they are all pristine quality.

1. Favorite Soundtrack: Hamilton, of course. I'm going to say, at least, four of the other bloggers are going to say Hamilton too. This isn't the only soundtrack I love. I've been listening to musicals since I was a kid. I love Kiss Me, Kate, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Camelot. After Hamilton, my favorite is Kiss Me, Kate and Beauty and the Beast! 

2. Song that Makes Me Want to Dance - Dang, there are so many. Bang, Bang - Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande; Burnin' Up - Jessie J, Shake it Off - Taylor Swift . . . I could go on and on. If it has a beat then I will dance. Yeah, but not like this

3. Song I Love to Sing Along With - This is another category I will say, pick one. Hell, I'll belt out Alexander Hamilton one minute, Shake it Off the next, and end with Down with the Sickness. When I was teaching, I made up songs to sing to my kids. They, of course, loved it. I think the one that I enjoy most is Shake it Off because it has a great beat and I place a lot of meaning to it. 

And there you go. My thoughts on music. Now go over and check out what the other bloggers have to say.



  1. I really need to dig out the Camelot soundtrack again one of these days... :D

  2. Nice have to add Miami - Will Smith though! ;-)

  3. OMG... your blogger won't let me post any comments. So it's me, Kris... ugh... anyway, thanks to Jess, whenever I hear Shake it Off I have to sing the Supernatural Parody... because it rocks. Great picks.