Monday, September 12, 2016


Okay, so as you all know I work at a bookstore. And when you work someplace like that you encounter people. All kinds of people. Often, people who don't think before they speak or, bless their hearts, are just plain dumb like a sack of hammers.

We had that kind in the bookstore this past weekend.

When you first enter the store, there's a glass counter set up that showcases reading devices. Now, these devices are always hooked up so that customers can try them out. Because, you know, if you're going to spend $100 or more you want to see how it works. 

These devices are also security alarmed. Because, yeah, they're by the front door and we're not dumb. We know very well that some people are shitheads and will steal.

Okay, so on Saturday, the alarm went off for one of these devices. And it's loud. Really loud. One of my fabulous co-workers rushed to the front to discover a very "special" customer (see entitled and dumb) had tried to unplug the device so she could . . . wait for it . . . charge her cell phone.

When approached, the special snowflake didn't apologize. Oh no, she got snotty and gave attitude.

So, I declare the special snowflake officially wins the Dumbass of the Weekend Award. Woo hoo!!!!


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