Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I love movies. Always have. When I was a kid we rarely went since the drive-in was the cheapest, but I'm sure Mom and Dad didn't want to be trapped in the car with me and Sis all night long. The first movie I remember going to see, tragically for the parents, was Dirty Harry. LOL

It was I think part of a double feature and Sis and I fell asleep on the first movie, which is what the parents wanted. Yeah, I didn't stay asleep. I woke up for the second movie and sat quietly so they wouldn't know I was awake. I was 5 or 6 and still remember, "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

The first time we went to the fantastic inside cinemas was a huge deal. It was expensive and seemed very far away from home, which it wasn't. Mom and Dad took us to see Disney's Robin Hood.

We had so much fun and Sis found her first crush. Yep, a cartoon fox. She still loves foxes to this day. 

They built a two screen cinema right near us (Yay!!) so now movies were more affordable. I remember my entire extended family going to see Star Wars. I was 11 and utterly loved it.

At the time, the special effects were like nothing we'd ever seen before. I was transfixed and probably went back to see the movie, at least, 4 or 5 times. 

We went back to the big expensive theater when Star Trek The Motion Picture came out. Dad was a HUGE Star Trek fan.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it past the million year beginning of the movie when they did the fly around the Enterprise. I fell asleep  and missed most of the movie. When I finally did see it, I realized I didn't miss much. Whoops.

A movie I can't stand, but can't forget, is the one a cousin took a bunch of the kids in the family to see. She packed us in a car one spring night and we went to the drive-in to see the child scarring movie Old Yeller. To this day, I have no idea what she was thinking. Did she set out to see if she could traumatize a huge group of children? You know, as an experiment? Whatever it was, it wasn't good.

Yep, a car full of crying kids is not the way I'd want to send an evening. You?

My dad was an alcoholic, so was emotionally absent, but for some reason he took me and my sister to see the Jungle Book.

I don't remember why, but it doesn't matter since it was just him and us. 

Of course, nothing can compare to my go-to, watch-a-million-times-move, GhostBusters!
I saw it opening night, I was on a horrible date. The movie was amazing though and it's the movie I can watch over and over and never get tired of it. It always makes me laugh, no matter what.

And these are the movies from my childhood. Now run out and see what movies the other bloggers talk about. I'm going to bet at least one of mine, is on someone else's list. 

Jessica D


  1. What the hell was your cousin thinking?! Old Yeller came on TV when I was staying with my grandparents. And my Gram was like, "Yeah, you can watch this. It's a good movie." She regretted that choice for the rest of her life. For months, I'd burst into tears whenever I thought about it!

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  3. Here I thought I was the only one ever traumatized by Old Yeller. To this day I cannot watch a movie featuring animals. Sad but true.

    I congratulate your dad on taking you to a nice kid friendly movie for father/kid time. I got to see Green Beret with my dad. Though I adore the Duke too, I was a teenager when we seen it, and I thought the father/kid time fantastic, the movie was not exactly kid friendly. Even back then I wasn't a fan of war type movies. But I do have to say, it was a good movie.

    My first Disney flick - also my first movie period (I am about to give away my age here) was Snow White. It wasn't even in a theater. Some organization had managed to get a copy and set up folding chairs in some hall and shown on one of those old pull up screens folks used to have for their home movies. Imagine a five/six year old in a folding chair sitting through a movie. But I was entranced.

    Now Dirty Harry - My ex-husband took me to see that double feature on one of our early dates. Can't say I was terribly impressed, but yeah! That line - "Do you feel lucky, punk!" is beat only by "Make my day."

    (Sorry for the delete, really wanted an edit.)