Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Hello and welcome to the randomness of Wednesday. This week is all about clothing nostalgia. *sigh* Oh wait, before I jump into things let me share the male hotness

Okay, so I grew up in the 70s, which if you weren't aware had some pretty horrid fashion. The only jeans we could buy where these:

 I hated them!!!! Unfortunately those little beauties went with this fabu fashion statement

 Yes, my friends, yes that is a tube top. *hiding face* So much horrible all in one outfit. Thankfully, right now, I can't dig up any pics, but yeah if I could I would so share them with you. NOT!! But I can share these fabulous ensembles and hair-dos from the 1970s collection:

I know. You are soooo jealous. *sigh* So yeah, then there came the 1980s. Thankfully, I spent half of it in a school uniform so I didn't have to wear a lot of the incredible styles from that era. Though the regular civilian wear I did own had incredibly large shoulder pads. And I did have an outfit that resembled these right down to the black fedora. Damn, I loved that hat. Really, if I find a pic of that I will post it. Unless it's way more horrible than I remember.
I did find this one from the 1980 and it's not horrible, though the hair is kind of big. Of course, it got a whole lot bigger, but I don't think I have any of those pics. Thank goodness.
The 1990s weren't horrible. I had big hair, once again, and the little school girl skirt was in thanks to Clueless. 
I had one that I only wore when I went out clubbing. Yeah, that wasn't something I could actually wear to my adult job. I found this pic of me from the trip to the Bahamas my friend, Jennifer, and I took. I was totally rocking the beaded braids. Ouch! Oh and the outfit I had was a very short baby-doll dress. Thankfully, I could carry it off.
Thanks for joining me on this stroll down memory lane. LOL! Now go and check out what the other bloggers are nostalgic about.

Jessica D


  1. Before I even clicked on your link I thought, "She is going to put male hotness on her blog and odds are he isn't even wearing clothes for this clothing blog..."

    I'm so happy you didn't disappoint!

    Also, I forgot about babydoll dresses! I feel so foolish forgetting about those! And I think your little Gwen pictures are adorable. First time I have seen them and so cute.

    1. LOL!!! Thanks Jess. I always try to remember the male hotness. No matter what they are the one constant each week.

  2. Between the three of you, you covered the best (?) of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. What a wonderful stroll down memory lane. Thank you. I liked this weeks topic.

    1. Best? Yes, of course, the best because we are all fashion plates.

  3. OMG! You had plaid, too! Were you also forced into it against your will?

    1. I think like horrible bell bottoms the plaid was all Mom could find. *sniffle* So much horror