Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Greetings sad humans. I am the perfect and elegant Baroness Abigail von Kitty. Look upon my effortless resting bitch face and envy me.

I am looking for some worthy souls to volunteer as day slaves. The help I have are slackers and aren't available during the day. Your duties will include worshipful petting, feeding me chicken, litter box duty, feeding me chicken, cuddling, feeding me chicken, listening to be bitch at you, and feeding me chicken. If you think your tiny brain can handle these duties please apply. Oh and bring chicken as an offering. Offerings will get you far.

The Supreme and Fabulous Abigail

If you're interested in other blogs, which i doubt since they don't involve me, you can check out the ones below. I'm warning you though, they don't involve me so unimportant. 

Jessica D


  1. My cat lost a bunch of weight. We took her to the vet and the conclusion was - she is healthy. She is just an incredible asshole that rather starve herself than eat the food we buy her. If we fed her chicken? Who knows how that asshat would act the moment we had to substitute something else for an evening. Pretty sure she would pee on something.

    1. Abby never turns her nose up at food, believe me, we call her the vienna sausage. But she'd rather have chicken, hand fed to her, which she would promptly gorge on and probably toss up. Why? Because, like your cat, she's an asshat