Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Hello! Before I get out my soapbox to mouth off about my pet peeves, here's WMH

*sigh* Anyway, pet peeves of the writing variety. I don't know that I have many, but here we go.

1. Not writing when I say I will. Yeah, that's a big one with me. And with depression it's even bigger . . . huger even. Often, by the time I do all my adult stuff and make it home, I just really want to nap. Depression is exhausting and pretending everything is okay is even more exhausting. So, yeah, no writing.

2. Getting half way or more through a book and realizing--whoops-- the beginning of it is wrong. Yeah, that's another thing I'm facing right now. So, with over 50k I am back at the beginning fixing it so that the story will make sense.

3. When I'm actually writing having to stop for one reason or another. Once that happens, I'm sunk.

4. Having an awesome idea for a book . . . but I'm already working on one and have 2 others I have to get to before I can get to the new great idea.

5. Seeing brand new books out I want to read, but know I should be writing instead. But really wanting to read the books . . . for research and stuff. 

Right now, that's all I got. If you have some awesome pet peeves . . . any pet peeves you want to share then drop them down in the comments. I want to know what bothers you. Truly.

Now, don't forget to run and check out what bugs the other bloggers and I'll see you all next week.-- Gwen

Jessica D


  1. I haaaaaaaaaaaate when the beginning is wrong. I'm constantly going back and rewriting it. I also hate depression. It sucks. A lot. I hope you start feeling better soon. :(

    1. And the beginning is way wrong so I'm struggling with it as well as the stupid depression. *sigh*

  2. I think realizing that any part of the book is just 'off' is frustrating as hell. In the end, rewriting always makes it better, but that doesn't mean any of us have to like it :) Hope you're feeling better soon, as well, honey. Hang in there. (oh, now I can't stop thinking about the silly Annie freaking sun will come out tomorrow song.) SORery about that :)

    1. LOL!! Yeah the whole Tomorrow deal is a big fat lie. ;-) Especially if you live around here. We haven't seen the sun in . . . days.