Friday, June 5, 2015


I've been following this whole Duggar situation. Not as if I consciously want to, but it's there, in my face, day in and day out. I've really tried to ignore it, but I just can't anymore. Not when assinine people comment shit like "he was just a kid" and "he's really sorry" and "it happened so long ago" and my favorite "well he just touched them over their clothes, while they were sleeping."

My response to all of this is Really Fucktards?? Really?? So because he was "just" a kid -- he was 15 -- what he did was okay? And that it happened "so long ago" it should be ignored? So "he's really sorry" . . . that and a nickle will get you shit. And finally "he just touched them over their clothes, while they were sleeping" is another excuse in a long line of excuses.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by someone who was considered "just a kid" I am furious! My molester was 11 . . . did you catch that . . . HE WAS 11 and I was 6. So are you going to stand there and tell me what happened to me wasn't abuse because he wasn't "old enough"? Or, it was just experimentation?? No, no it wasn't. He touched, fondled, and tried sexual penetration. Once again, he was 11 . . . so does that make what he did okay?? 

Josh Duggar is a child molester, sexual predator, pedophile. It doesn't matter what age he was. He didn't perpetrate once or twice, hell no, it was more like 5 or more times that we know of. He just kept doing it over and over. People like this don't stop. They can't. It's something hard-wired into them. 

The recidivism rate for child molesters is extremely high. They are 4 times more likely to reoffend. 4 TIMES! No one got Duggar any help what-so-ever, his family, like most swept it under the rug and closed ranks. It happened in my family. Once again, sexual predators don't stop. It would be like asking a lion or tiger not to hunt. It's never going to happen.

So, they've closed ranks and protected their precious son. You can't tell me he didn't continue to offend. It's not possible. As I've said, people like this don't just stop. He molested little kids and he'll continue to do it. He had a clear field because they will protect and hide him. I feel so, so horrible for his children and the other children he has contact with. 

I only hope his victims actually come forward. You know his sisters won't, since they've been brain-washed into the whole idea that either it was their fault or what happened wasn't a big deal. Hell they were on TV defending him. 

Oh and another thing. People are acting as if the release of this information is the big bad in this whole situation. As if, releasing the information is worse than sexually molesting children. NOT! Yeah, there's such a thing as the freedom of information act. The magazine requested the information and it was given to them. The case wasn't sealed. It was out there for everyone to find. 

*taking a deep breath* I understand that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but when the opinion is so fucking stupid you need to shut up. Sexual abuse isn't a life experience someone just get's over. It leaves a mark. It changes you in ways you can't even understand unless you've lived through it. Sexual abuse shapes your whole entire life and you may go through tons of therapy and move beyond the event, but it's always there. Waiting. It only takes one thing to trigger a memory and you're right back there again. Then you're working to claw your way back out again. To be okay again. 

I know the abuse shaped my life. Made me who I am. In the beginning, I often wondered who I would have turned out to be if my cousin wouldn't have existed. After a while, I realized it was a useless exercise and all it did was make me angry. So I had to put it and whoever I would have been away. She doesn't exist. I'm here and I'm all I have to work with. 

I just cross my fingers and hope all of Duggar's victims can heal and move beyond. As for him, I hope he rots in a jail cell where he belongs. Oh and his daddy needs to go with him since he's the king of the family and makes the decisions. 

Angry? You better fucking believe I'm angry. I doubt I'll ever get beyond that emotion when I hear stories like this. The sad thing is until we, as a society, quit protecting predators and take responsibility to instead protect our children we'll continue to hear stories like this. I just hope that people gain more understanding instead of shooting their mouths off about stuff they can't begin to relate to. 

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