Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hello! And welcome once again to the crazy randomness of Wednesday. Today we are writing thank you/love letters to something we couldn't live without. Before, I jump in let me share hotness with you, since that's what you probably show up for.

Dearest Laptop,

I know, I probably don't say it enough, but I am filled with hearts and flowers for you. 

I don't know how I can even begin to share with you the ways you enrich my life. I mean, really, you connect me to the entire world. Through you I can collect amazing hot man pics, watch kitty videos, shop for whatever I want, find awesome knitting patterns, keep in contact with friends, play games, do research, and write. 

That's just a tiny list of all that you do. I know, sometimes, I ignore you, but only for a day--never ever more than that. You are the first thing I pack when I head on vacation. You've gone with me everywhere. When you had amazing battery life, I even toted you to the doctor, hospital, and work. Now . . . not so much, but that's okay. You are still my lovey, snuggly, cuddle lump and this song's for you.

I can even read when we're together and for that I'm grateful. I know I run you hard. Hell, we're together all day long, but that's because I NEED you. Plus, writing . . . writing takes time. Sometimes, I'm in the middle of something and realize I need to do research and you are right there for me. You handle multi-tasking like a champ and for that I give you a high-five and a fist bump. 

hugs and furry, purry kisses,


Now, run over and check out what the other Blogger Girlz are so thankful for. Additionally, if you want to tell me what you love and can't live without, drop me a comment below.

Jessica D.

See you all next week! -- Gwen


  1. I thought about writing a thank you to my chromebook. Electronic devices. I love them though, I still like to alternate between printed books and my kindle.

    1. I have books on my laptop, Nook, and of course real, hold-in-my-hands-and-fondle books. I love it all!!

  2. I do love my laptop. It's where my friends live. :D

  3. Yes, another object that is worthy of a thank you or love letter. Though I think it sometimes gets me in as much trouble as it does out. Nicely done.