Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Random Wednesday Blog: What Makes Me Happy . . . . or Could We Have Possibly Chosen a Harder Topic???

Welcome to the randomness that is the Random Wednesday Blog! Today's topic is all about what makes me happy. Huh, okay, so first of all this below makes me happy:

You know, this is a fairly heavy question. I mean, happiness . . . happiness can mean different things to different people. And it can be intensely personal to talk about things that make me happy. Can you tell I'm stalling? Because, really different things make me happy at different times. Does that make sense? Sometimes something simple like an text from a friend can make me happy, but then other times it might take quite a bit to make me happy. I'm sure when Bronwyn and Jessica came up with this topic they weren't expecting me to go on a deep existential rant on the philosophy of happiness.  So, let's see if I can come up with just a few things that make me consistently happy. 

1.  Fall -- the season of Fall makes me happy. I love how the air smells and the crispness and the colors. I love how it's the signal of the coming holidays. I love pumpkin! But I saw pumpkin eggnog the other day and that totally disgusts me, but other than that I love pumpkin.

2. Music makes me happy. Okay, not all music, but there are certain songs that if I hear them I'm like ready to leap up and dance. A few blogs ago we talked about our playlists and the songs on that list are some of my very favorites. I also love holiday music!! Yes, some of you may say Christmas music, but I say holiday because I'm pagan. But I love the music. I love the songs The Most Wonderful Time of the Year and Sleigh Ride by Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. There are others, but those two can make me smile no matter what. If you haven't heard Steve and Eydie go check it out and tell me if it makes you smile too. I think the reason the song sticks with me is my sister and I used to listen to it when we were kids and we'd lip sync the song and dance. It was incredible. Really . . . 

3. Traveling with my sister makes me happy. I love packing up and hitting the road with her. We have a ritual we do every time we leave home. As we're backing out of the drive she always asks, "Are we there yet?" And I always answer, "Almost." Don't know why, but we do it and it makes us laugh each time. We also play games while we drive like Marco Polo and Hide-n-Go-Seek . . . . really you'd have to be there to understand. 

4. My friends make me happy. I love getting together with them however we have to (twitter, IM, email, text, in person) because no matter what they can make me laugh.

5. Writing makes me happy. I love creating people, places, situations, dialogue and then seeing what happens. My readers make me happy too since they obviously enjoy what I create. I love sharing my imagination with people. 

6. The holidays make me happy -- all of them from Halloween (Samhain) to Thanksgiving to Yule to Christmas. 

7. My kitties make me happy, even when I want to kill them dead, they make me happy. Okay, only Warlock often makes me want to kill him dead since he sometimes acts like a real snothead. Max is my sweet boy so he's rarely if never in trouble.



I think that might be it for now. Like I said, the things that make me happy change with the day and the situation. If anything does change I'll let you know. But right now go check out the other Blogger Girlz to see what makes them long to skip through a field singing with glee . . . or whatever.

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  1. Oh, Warlock, you naughty, naughty boy. I want to travel with you and your sister. You guys are awesome! :D Also, yay fall!

    1. Warlock is a naughty boy. His other nickname is The Wine Drinker because anytime I have a glass he sticks his face in it. And you should travel with us. We have a ton of fun. :-)

  2. Yeah allergies get me too, but I love having my windows open so I make sure and take the meds each day. Doesn't make them go away, but does make it better. Sometimes. :-) We had a ball traveling!! I don't think Jude would let us listen to the same CD for 15 hours straight though. She's funny that way.

  3. I just fell in love with Warlock!

    1. Thanks! He's really sweet, but can be a real jerk sometimes. LOL