Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Random Wednesday Blog: Best Summer Memories

Hey Everybody! Welcome to the Random Wednesday Blog. Today the Blogger Girlz and I are talking about our best summer memories. But, of course, before I do I need to give us some majorly hot eye candy. And here he is:

If you're interested, I am using this photo as inspiration for a book I'm working on. :-) Yep, it does certainly inspire, doesn't it? So, where was I???  Oh yeah, summer memories. I actually do have a few so here we go:

When I was a kid, my cousin Denise lived right next door to me. She was certainly more like a big sister than she was a cousin and still is now. We would do all kinds of stuff together like skate and swim and jump rope. But the thing we both still remember today is building a tent. We would drag old sheets and bedspreads out of our houses and with a clever use of a fence, clothes pins, and sticks we would build incredible tents. We'd play in them all day long. For some reason, our parents never let us sleep out in them, but believe me they would have been awesome. I remember them being very roomy and just so much fun.

As an adult, my sister and I usually go someplace during the summer. I live with her and she is ten kinds of fun. We travel so well together and we've gone to some great places like Savannah, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach. My favorite was Charleston where we stayed at Middleton Plantation. OMG! So awesome. But when we got there she decided to go exploring and I wanted to take a shower. As I'm climbing out of the tub, she came running in yelling for me. Apparently, she had followed this path down to the water and what she thought was a log floating by turned out to be an alligator. She said it spied her, stopped swimming, backed up and sunk down in the water. That's when she turned and ran away.

My last favorite summer memory was driving to see Jessica Jarman. We don't live close so it's was like a 13 hour drive, but I was staying for nearly a week. At the end, Jess decided to go home with me and then fly back a week later. We left her house around 3:30 pm or so and drove all night long. We played one CD the entire time (Will Smith) and sang and danced like we had lost our minds. I think we finally got into my place around 4:30 am and slept until noon or after. It was crazy fun.

And those are my favorite summer memories. Check out the what Bronwyn, Kris and Jessica have to say.



  1. Okay, at first I read that as "My least favorite summer memory was driving to see Jessica Jarman." I was all ready to pitch a fit the likes you have never seen! ;-D

    In my post I totally focused on the childhood memories, but omg, that summer, roadtripping with you was one of the best. As was the first time we met each other face to face and spent the week in Washington State. Yeah, those two times rank EXTREMELY high on the Best Summer Memories (Heck, the Best Memories period!)

  2. Woo hoo!! Washington State was so beautiful! Remember the beach we were on and we walked out and out since when the tide went out it went OUT! That was amazing

  3. Those tents sound fantastic!!! :D I love your sister and I love YOU!!! I can't wait to see you both this summer!!! :D

  4. Thanks Bron!!! We love you too and cannot wait to get to Charlotte!! We are totally counting down the days. Yah!!!!

  5. LOL... too funny. And i can attest that road tripping with Jarman is all kinds of fun... skin graft, Jess.. that's all I'll say. And thanks for the eye candy... le sigh... he looks lonely. I can help him out. I'm a giver...