Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Random Wednesday Blog: To Write I Need . . . .

Hey!!  Happy Gwens-day and welcome to another week of the Random Wednesday Blog with the Blogger Girlz! So this week's topic is all about what I need to write. *snort* Yeah, ummm, before we do this let's get in some gratuitous male hotness for my friend Kris Norris.

Ummmm, wow, okay . . .I think we should pause for just a moment to appreciate all this man is giving to us. Yep, there it is, that's all I need to write. :-)  Okay, so seriously, I don't need too much. Hell I've written in the middle of a busy doctor's office. When you gotta get the words in you do what you have to. But when I am out someplace like that the first thing I have to have is:

1) MP3 player and kick ass earbuds - because the noise of people talking and kids screaming doesn't lend itself to writing hot sex scenes. You know. I used to use the MP3 player all the time, but now I find that if I'm home and in my bedroom I don't need them anymore unless the scene calls for some awesome music.

2) Someplace comfy. I have written, like I said, on crappy office chairs, but it doesn't make me happy. I hate being squished up against people because I always think they're reading what I'm writing. And being out in a crowd while trying to be creative is incredibly draining. I'm an introvert so I NEED my space and quiet.

--True Story Time -- So Jessica Jarman and I have been friends for a very long time. We've spent close to 2 weeks with each other nonstop and I still love her to death, but the thing is, she's an introvert too. So when we were staying at my house she was in one room and I was in another and we were writing. But as we're writing were also messaging one another. Also when we go out to say someplace awesome like Starbucks or Caribou we sit across from each other with our laptops and it really looks like we're playing a huge game of Battleship. We each have our headsets and drinks and we write.

3) To just do it - see here's the deal I love to write, but often by the end of the day I am dead tired. I'm a teacher in a museum and the summer is our busiest time. So by the time it's 9:30 (like it is now) I'm lucky I'm making fairly coherent sentences. After I'm with those people all day long (kids) I just need to rest. But I also need to quite pissing around and get moving. So the biggest thing I need is:

A Kick in the Ass!!!  And that's usually where Jessica, once again, comes in.

So, there you have it. Nothing earth shattering or bizarre. I don't need handsome, half-clothed men fanning me (though it would be nice) or to be sitting at my fantastical desk in my awesome office. . . yeah, don't have either one of those. I just need to get my ass some place comfortable, open the laptop, and go.

Check out the other Blogger Girls to see if they need anything amazing. If you don't know who they are: Bronwyn, Jessica, Kris, Jenny, and Kellie.

See you next week! --GC


  1. Jess is the very best for these things. :D I love the image of you two sitting across from each other IMing. That delights me to no end. :D

  2. I LOL'd at the battleship thing. Too funny. :)

  3. I'm with you, I need to be somewhere that isn't super distracting if I'm going to write. Starbucks makes 1 page feel like 10.