Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hello and welcome to the blog of the lamest person on the planet. I can only say I've been missing due to my day job and that's not even a good excuse. Let me give you WMH to make up for it:
And now on to the topic for today
So, as always, these are in no particular order.

1. "Calm Down" - I HATE when someone tells me to calm down. If you know me well you know I rarely get all upset. I'm fairly chill and laid back so if I'm angry or upset there's really a reason for it. I hate drama so I don't get mad or upset at the drop of a hat. 

2. "You should just forgive and forget" or something close to that. If someone hurts me, and believe me it's got to be a big deal, there is no forgiving and forgetting. And close to the same thing . . .

3. "Just forget it" - Not going to happen. Can I tell you how many people said that to me about my cousin who molested me? "You were a child and now you're an adult, can't you just put it away." Riiiiight. As if that ever happens to an abuse survivor. Believe me, if I would I could, but it doesn't work like that. And, I have nothing to be ashamed about, it's all on him. So no there will be no forgetting

4. Anything political - Right now it all pisses me off. Majorly. Between our ineffectual government to the idiot that's currently in the White House I'm in a constant state of pissed-off-dom. And I'm not one to have strong feelings about much, but I truly do hate 45. Hates Him!

5. Any one who hurts a child. If I were given a chance, I'd drop each molester, killer, someone who hurts a child into the electric chair and flip the switch. I know, good thing I'm not in charge. Oh and the same does for animals.

6. "I don't mean to interrupt . . ." Okay then don't. If you don't mean to then don't. See, how easy that is? If I'm reading or working or whatever and you can see me doing this and you come in then you are interrupting. And you are meaning to. So just don't say that.

7. Do not under any circumstance comment on my weight. I know I'm heavy. I've been heavy all my life and it's a constant battle. Someone pointing it out isn't going to make me smack my forehead and say, "Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you pointed that out to me. Now I will be skinny." All I really want to say, in the sweetest voice ever, is, "Fuck off."

8. People who act like total idiot assholes on the road. There are rules. Follow them. You are not special. The rules are for everyone. Oh and if you're on the expressway in the right hand lane, you gotta let the people who are getting on in. That's the responsibility of driving in the lane. Either get over or act like you have sense. Racing up to try to prevent me from getting on the expressway will only make my huge SUV long to run over your dumb ass. 

9. Car stuff. Ugh! I hate having to deal with anything to do with a car. Tires, oil change, whatever, it all sucks. It all makes me incredibly unhappy. I truly do wish I could just wave a magic wand the the problem (whatever it might be) would instantly vanish.

10. Unsolicited phone calls. I understand these people have a job. I really do. But my phone number is on the do not call list and still I get calls. This should be illegal. I'm sure it is. So why do people persist in doing it?? And, once I say I'm not interested, why do they continue to try and talk to me. I'm not interested. I won't change my mind just because you continue to talk. Nope. All I will do is become more angry and pissy. If that was your goal then SCORE!!

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Monday, August 21, 2017


Okay, so this story is inspired by a melody, but unfortunately, not the one everyone else used. See I saw Halsey, who I love, but immediately jumped on to my favorite song of hers, which is Gasoline. So, I used that one. Anyway, it's still Halsey so I'm sure it counts for something . . . right??

Here's the song if you're interested:

Voices. Talking. She wasn’t sure where they were coming from. From the outside? Inside her head? Not sure. Can’t react. If we react then everyone will know. Know what? Stop. Don’t go there.
She blinked. She could feel herself blink. Did that mean she was real? Had to be real, right? What was that noise? Buzzing? If she listened hard enough she could understand. No, couldn’t listen then.
The buzzing persisted. It wouldn’t leave her alone. Her eyes flicked to the left and saw him. No, no, no. He wasn’t real. Couldn’t be real. Maybe he was real and she wasn’t?
Everything was coming into focus. Pads. Pads lining a wall. Why were there pads? What did it mean? Why was her room lined in pads? No, don’t think about it. Thinking was bad. Remembering was bad.
“Shay. Shay.”
She flicked her eyes again and still he was there. Now he was saying her name. Shay. Was that her name? Yes. She thought it might be, but why would he say her name? Why was he here? He wasn’t supposed to be.
“You’re not real.”
She spoke. She talked to him. Why did she do that? She was going to get in trouble. Trouble?
“Shay. I am real. Shay, look at me.”
She couldn’t help herself. Why couldn’t she stop? If she didn’t stop . . . what? What would happen?
“Shay, you have to come back to me. I need you. Please, Shay.”
His voice. She loved his voice. Like music. Come back? Where had she been? Had she gone somewhere?
“Those fuckers shot you up with something. Please Shay, come back to me. Then we can get out of here. Please.”
She blinked and blinked again, clearing her vision. The room was white with pads. She didn’t know this place. Why was she here?
“Where am I?”
“They took you away. Locked you up. They tried to convince people you’re sick. You’re not, Shay, you’re not sick.”
“I’m not sick. I don’t feel sick.”
Her arms ached, but she couldn’t move them. Why couldn’t she move them? Looking down she found she was in some kind of coat. Coat? No, not a coat. Straightjacket. She was in a straightjacket.
Her teeth chattered as her body shook. No, no, not again. She couldn’t be back again. She wasn’t sick. She wasn’t.
“Shay, concentrate on my voice. Take a deep breath and concentrate. You’re going to be okay. I promise.”
His name came out in a whisper, but he smiled. Nodded.
“Yes, love. Now, shake off the rest of what they gave you. You have to shake it off. Please, Shay. Concentrate.”
Closing her eyes, she began to focus on her breathing. In. Out. In. Out. Slow. Steady. Blue light. She could . . . feel it? Was that right? Feel it. She could feel the blue light, deep, but strong. So strong.
Gently, so gently, she coaxed the light up. Coaxed it up, until she was bathed in the light. Opening her eyes, she slowly pulled her arms lose from the jacket and shrugged it off.
Connor stood and smiled. “There’s my girl. Hurry. Take my hand. Someone’s coming.”
Shay concentrated on the blue light and took Connors hand. Red light flared around him and, as they touched, the colors mixed and mingled. Purple. Pure, deep purple surrounded them.
The door of the room burst open and someone began to scream. Shay didn’t care. Scream away, there was nothing anyone could do to stop her.

She stepped into Connor’s arms and the two of them disappeared.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


As if anything I do is wordless. So, let's start by sharing Male Hotness Wednesday

Our post this week is, obviously, supposed to show pics of what it looks like in the summer here. When I mentioned that to Sis she suggested just showing pics of pizza and kittens. So, here's that

Yeah, but that really doesn't show what summer looks like around here. Though the pizza looks good and the kittens are way cute. Summer here is either hot and rainy or hot and dry. If it's hot and rainy we usually have flowers and stuff growing, but if it's the other way the grass is just brown and crunchy. 

I took these pics today so we're closer to the hot and rainy

When the summer hits this is usually my drink of choice
For those of you who don't not know, this is a glass of sweet iced tea. We're in the South so in the summer the tea is ALWAYS sweet and iced. Let me just say that the restaurants, cafes, etc here have sweet tea on the menu because that's the only way it should be served. It's the perfect drink.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Welcome to the August Top 10! Before we jump in let me just share some WMH:

Now, let's move into our subject for this week's Random Wednesday Blog.

I don't know if I'll come up with 10, but here goes. Oh, and these are in no particular order.

1. Tough Women! I love to write women who are kick-ass, take no prisoners. Of course, not every single book calls for this, but the ones that do I love it. 

2. Strong Women - I'm sure you're thinking, "Umm, Gwen, didn't you just say this?" And, my answer if no. I think there's a difference between tough and strong. To me, strong means a woman can survive whatever life throws at her and come out better on the other side. Like I said above, I can't make every woman I write into a warrior, but I can make them all strong. They are survivors.

3. Alpha Males - yeah, okay, so sue me. I love men who are physically big and strong and have a bad ass attitude to boot. Though, I try to make sure the men I write aren't assholes. I never want the men to discount anything a woman says, especially the woman the man loves. And, if he does act like a total douche, he will own up to it and apologize.

4. Humor - I love putting things that make me laugh into my books. I truly hope I make others laugh. A good situation or a funny one-liner makes my day and makes me like my character more. I especially love when my men don't take themselves so serious. 

5. Sarcasm - A good zing can also make me laugh. And being able to write a character who is good and sarcastic makes my day. Of course, I try to use this sparingly since I never want someone to come off like an asshole.

6. Adventurous - I love to write a character who is up for anything. Even if he or she is somewhat reluctant to take that leap it's so awesome when that person does. 

7. Brave - I love when my characters are brave, especially when they are afraid. I think it makes the situation and that person someone readers can identify with. When I'm writing a character making a decision he or she knows is the right one and yet it scares the crap out of them it makes the story way better.

8. Independent - I think this really does for my female characters. I want my women to be able to take care of herself, no matter what. She doesn't need a man. And that's why when she allows him to help her, support her, or just hold her it really does show how much she loves him. 

9. Sexy - Yeah, I know, duh Gwen you write romance so of course you want your characters to be sexy. And yes, but I don't want them to be in your face about it. For instance, I want the man in a story think the woman he loves is the sexiest thing on two legs, even if others don't get it. He sees her as sexy, as he should, since he loves her. This goes both ways too. Even if the man I'm writing isn't doing something overtly sexy, I want the woman who loves him to think, "Wow, he is so hot. I want to jump him." 

10. Outspoken - I love to write someone who doesn't mind sharing what's on his or her mind, whether anyone else wants to hear it or not. This will sometimes become a humorous situation. (See what I did there?) And, yet, it will be something, someone needs to hear. 

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Before, I leap into dumping on all of you. I'm going to share Wednesday Male Hotness, because I feel I owe it to you. 

So, this post is basically everything that's on my mind. Jeez Louise, how much time do all of us have? I don't know if I even have the patience to go into all the stuff I'm stewing over, but I'm willing to try if you are willing to listen.

Firstly, and let me state here, that what I say is my opinion. This pretty much means I'm not changing my mind, no matter what anyone says. 

Anyway, my city has been on the national news lately since we have the last abortion clinic in the state operating here. This week we've had  . . . individuals invade our city whose soul purpose is to stand out in front of this legal medical building waving their little signs, screaming into microphones, and carrying tiny coffins around to protest a procedure that is protected by the Constitution. These people infuriate me. They are so busy sticking their nose into someone else's business they never even think that it has nothing to do with them. As Sis said today, "No one is forcing them to get an abortion." 

These sanctimonious hypocrites scream that abortion is murder and that the "baby" needs to be saved when there are million of children in this county living below the poverty line, being abused and living in squalor, but they don't care. I can bet you most of these "christians" complain about welfare, food stamps, and other government assistance. They claim they are prolife, but I'm going to imagine they're more like probirth. Once that baby is here, it's really no concern of theirs. 

I get way pissed watching them on the news. Marching around with their ridiculous signs and dragging their poor children out in the miserable heat to stand outside of a building that is legal. Most of the crowd are, of course, old white men. My next response is WTF!!! I'm sooooo sorry, but my body is none of your business. You have no right to interfere with my or any other woman's right to choose. 

The last time these idiots were in town they chained themselves to the doors of the clinic and our police were forced to go in and arrest them. Thankfully, a judge has declared they must stay back 75 feet, but still they are impeding a woman's right to chose since she would have to walk through to get to the doors. 

My sister tells me that she used to walk past the clinic every morning on her way to work. It was either the clinic or the strip club across the street, I'm sure you can guess which one she chose. And, most mornings, protesters would leap in front of her and scream at her about how she needs to save her baby and blah, blah, blah. The security guards would then have to scream at the protesters to leave her alone. Can you imagine having to go through this day after day? Sis is way kinder than I would have been. The first person who screamed in my face would get a fist right in it. And that's if I was being nice. 

The next thing that pisses me off is the government. I cannot stand 45, his entire family, and pretty much all the government. A day doesn't go by without some new piece of ridiculousness tossed out for the world to see. I am truly embarrassed by the lunacy of what's going on in Washington. Beyond embarrassed, I'm furious at the idiots that voted the assface in. I mean who thought a guy whose gone through bankruptcy proceedings numerous times, sexually harassed women, on his 3rd marriage (or is it the 4th), has no true education to speak of would make a good president? 

I always say reality shows showcase the lowest common denominator and you can't get much lower than 45. Of course, toss in his family and he's acting like a dictator in waiting or perhaps mob boss. I'm not sure. So, here we are nearly 6 months into this fiasco, and it just keeps getting worse. For once, I'd love to turn on the TV or check the news online and not see his stupid face nor the stupid faces of his family looking back at me. 

*taking a deep breath* So, thank you so much for letting me dump on you. If you'd like to dump your brain down in the comments go for it. Truly, it might make you feel better. 

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


So, here we are with another Promptly Penned. This month the prompt is: Well, apparently, rock bottom has a basement. I decided to head back to my new favorite people Tara and Jace. Hope you like it. And here's what I did with it:

Well, apparently, rock bottom had a basement, I thought gloomily, as I surveyed the scene around me and ignored the stupid joke I’d made. Rock, yeah, so not funny. One spell. I’d tried to do one spell and this was what happened. Okay, yeah, I’d tried spells before and they’d gone to shit, but I thought I was beyond that. I mean, I’d actually made an apple light up. Yeah, even to me that sounded lame. Whatever. A girl had to start somewhere.
This spell was supposed to be equally as easy. Or, at least, it seemed so. And helpful, the spell was supposed to be helpful too. I mean, a small helpful spell how much trouble could it cause? Apparently, a hell of a lot judging from the stranger’s body lying at the end of my driveway.
It wasn’t my fault, I thought, as I hurried toward him. And, I’m sure the cops would totally believe that. Really officer, I was just making rocks float when they got out of control and struck this guy over and over. Goddess, please let him not be dead.
“What the fuck?”
I dropped my head and sighed. Ah, yes, couldn’t forget my spotter. I turned to face Jace and stupidly, tears filled my eyes. Shit, Tara, good job, cry all over him. You’re supposed to be some kind of tough-assed witch and yet your spells suck, you kill some innocent bystander, and now you’re weeping.
“What happened?” Jace said, taking my hands.
He was so handsome and earnest, so earnest. I’d just tell the cops he had nothing to do with it. In fact, I didn’t know him. He was just some stranger that happened by to help.
“Tara, are you okay?”
“Me? I’m fine, but I think I might have killed him. That’s bad, right? What am I asking? Of course, it’s bad. Killing someone is way bad. I don’t even know the guy. He was probably lost and asking for directions and now he’s dead. I’m going to go to prison.”
“You’re not going to prison,” Jace said, dropping down to kneel next to my victim. He placed fingers on the guy’s neck and gave a smile. “He’s got a pulse. Let me call an ambulance and you can tell me what happened.”
I stood quietly as he made the call and I tried to figure out what I had done wrong. I followed all the directions. Every single one. The energy I had gathered felt right and good. I knew, knew it was going to work. Instead, well, it hadn’t.
“Okay, tell me. Then we’ll talk about why you didn’t wait for me.”
“You were busy and I really thought I had it. The spell was working.”
“So,” he prompted.
“Okay, so the spell was to recharge the ward around the property. Apparently, this is something every O’Neal woman does when she comes into her power. I had to pick four really good rocks, that spoke to me, or at least that’s what the spell said. I was to imbue them with power and then, at the culmination of the spell they were to go to the four cardinal points around the property and bingo ward recharged.
“Instead of doing that, all four rocks floated in the air and immediately zipped around the front of the house and struck this guy coming up my driveway. Thankfully not killing him, but obviously injuring him. An injury for which I will go to prison.”
“You are not going to prison,” Jace muttered as the wail of an ambulance siren sounded in the distance. “We don’t know what happened. We found him like this. End of story.”
“We can’t lie to the police.”
“Oh, the fuck we can’t and we will too.” He gave me a hard kiss on the lips. “I am not losing you. So, tell me about the wording of the spell. What did it say?”
I licked my lips, still unable to believe this amazing man wanted me. Me. Tara O’Neal, not tall, not model thin or gorgeous. Just plain old Tara.
“Baby, you need to stay with me,” he said, softly, running his thumb over my lips. “Tell me the spell.”
“I fill these stones with the power of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. To act as a protective shield over this land and the woman who tends it. Send these stones to where they are most needed and renew the protective bond. So, mote it be.”
Jace blinked. “The spell said to send the stones to where they were most needed?”
“Yes, that’s exactly what it said. See.”
I pulled the small spell book from the pocket of the jacket I wore, his jacket. I didn’t want to admit it made me feel as if he were hugging me. The scent of him giving me confidence. That would sound lame, I was sure. I just told him I liked to wear it because it was comfortable.
He studied the page, then turned back to the man on the ground as the ambulance pulled up.
“I don’t think the spell fucked up. I think it did exactly what you wanted it to do. You said to send the stones to where they were needed most and they came here. To him. A guy we’ve never seen before. Who just happened to somehow make it out here to your property. Property that is fairly hard to find. This wasn’t a coincidence.”
I stepped back as the paramedics hurried up. Jace moved to talk to them as I stared at the man with new eyes. Okay, maybe I was still in the basement of rock bottom, but for an entirely unknown reason. I don’t like unknown. Unknown is no good and sneaks up and kicks you in the ass. I looked down at the book in my hands and wondered if there was a spell that could help me. Or, if I could actually take the chance of casting one without hurting someone else.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I was so excited when I saw this topic! Sis and I are always quoting movies to each other. When I mentioned the topic to her, she laughed and we went back and forth trading quotes. So, here are some in no particular order. 

1. This one just happened. We were at the Cincinnati Zoo and were walking through a large section where primates were supposed to be. Supposed, since we didn't see any. So, of course, I tapped on a tree and pulled out the amazing Ian Malcolm.

2. Another of our favorite lines to quote is from Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's a very small scene when Indie and Salah take the head piece of an old man who tells them what the markings mean. The quote we says is, "Come, come, sit, look, look here." Here's the full scene for your enjoyment.

3. Another favorite is from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. "Hold on lady, we going for a ride." I love Short Round.

 4. I have a couple from GhostBusters that I love. This one scene has about 3 or 4 that I say. 

5. Of course, you can't forget this one

6. And, I think the final one from GhostBusters. Abby was sitting on the table and Sis yanked on the tablecloth to get her off, saying, "And the flowers are still standing."

 7. This is from the new GhostBusters and it's so one of my favs because Patty is my fav. 

8. Anything from Star Wars is always an option when we talk. From "Use the force Luke" to "Stay on Target". Pick a line any line

9. A favorite show of ours is Black Adder, especially the 2nd season. So many awesome lines from that. Our favorite to quote is the queen and her high pitched voice, "Edmund, did you bring me a pressie??" 

10. Finally, we come to Doctor Who. My very favorite doctor is of course Matt Smith. And my favorite line that we quote quite often:

And just for fun, my very favorite moment from the show.

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